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Doc Martin Season 10: When is Doc Martin Season 10 about to come?

Martin is about to finish as actor Martin Clunes has confirmed it won’t be returning after series 10 – although fans might see him getting “back within the saddle” of the medical community.

Series nine ended on an explosive cliffhanger in November and, ever since, fans are demanding answers within the sort of more episodes.

Doc Martin series 10 update:

Speaking on This Morning on October 16, Martin revealed one potential plot detail about the new series. And he admitted work on the show is “completely up within the air” due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Host Eamonn Holmes mentioned the very fact that at the top of the last series, the character was not a doctor due to his fear of blood.

Martin explained: “Not entirely, I mean he does have that problem with blood and he did let himself down a touch, but instead of being put through an exam by the overall Medical Council he just pulled the rug thereon, he was uninterested with it.”

And hinting at what viewers might see in serial 10, he said: “But I’m guessing he’s getting to revisit within the saddle… yes he will, he will. We’ll find how .”

Elsewhere within the chat, Martin explained how the lockdown had really impacted production. He said on the ITV daytime show: “It’s all up within the air at the instant, just like the remainder of the planet. It’s the uncertainty, everything very hard to plan for… it’s very hard to seem into the longer term and see what we’ll be ready to do next year.”

He said: “There are going to be a series 10. We’re performing on it. It’s official, we do it.”

Of course, thanks to the coronavirus lockdown, television shows had to halt production.

This means series 10 is to be broadcast later than ITV had originally planned.

Why is Doc Martin ending?:

On September 7, the actor said during a joint statement with writer Philippa Braithwaite: “We have loved making nine series of Doc Martin.

“When we launched the series in 2004 we could never have imagined what proportion our loyal viewers would fancy the grumpy Doc as they need.

“The series has avid fans both within the UK and throughout the planet and that we are thrilled that Doc Martin has topped the ratings whenever. ‘However, after sixteen years we now feel that the time has come to mention goodbye to Portwenn.

When is Doc Martin Season 10 coming?

“We are going to be making the tenth and final series in 2021 and that we are considering looking forward to returning to Cornwall to film it.” Martin has starred in the show as Dr Martin Ellingham since it first launched back in 2004.

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