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Do We Have A Release Date? Here’s Everything We Know

As well we all know that the 100 only has one season left on CW. And Jason Rothenberg announced the series would end after Season 7 on his Twitter account. Well, we have to wait for Season 7 to find our answer to some unsolved questions. Here you got everything related to The 100, including Cast, Release date, Trailer, and other details of the show. For more Swipe up here<<>>.

When The 100 Season 7 back on our Screen?

The CW revealed that the show would be wrapping up with its season 7th. And according to sources, the last and final season run is going to be on-air approx in the year 2020 with the all-star cast and crew members of the show. Although the show had only just been announced one month ago, there’s no confirmed the news on the release date or episodes of the final season. But after seeing the history of the show, we can expect that the final season is an outing in the last of the year 2020, potentially late spring or maybe in May.

What will be happening in The 100 final season?

Therefore, it’s tough to say that what will happen in the seventh season of the series The 100. But we can say that The 100 season 7 will pick from where season 6 left. The forthcoming installment of the show will focus on Anomaly, and we expected that the creators also follow the pattern of twist. And this series is based on Kass Morgan’s novel of the exact name but has delivered from the original material, so it almost means almost impossible to predict what will be happening in the next series.

In the current Interview, the showrunner, Rothenberg said he did have a fantastic endpoint in his mind already, and that endpoint has been reached, and for this endpoint, we have to watch the final season of The 100. And at last, Rothenberg said when this season comes to an end, it sets up a whole new adventure in a way that surprised him also. And the entire cast and crew members are excepted that the final season adventure surprised their fans too.

Who is in the Cast??

Good News!!! Eliza Taylor, ready to plays as the lead character “Clarke Griffin,” would be starred in the series The 100 Season 7. And the (Marie Avgeropoulos as Octavia Blake), (Christopher Larkin as Monty Green),  (Lindsey Morgan as Raven ReyesBob), (Morley as Bellamy Blake) all are set to back with Season 7.

However, there is no more information related to the new cast member of the show, but rumors said that there are two new names of the star that have emerged with Season 7th. On the other side, there is no trailer of Season 7th. But, Rothenberg assures that they released it very soon, respectively.

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