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Digital Underground Rapper Shock G dies at 57!

The famous 70s funk rapper and the leader of Digital Underground Shock G has expired at the age of 57. The news was first announced by his Digital Underground bandmate Chopmaster J on Thursday. He wrote on his Instagram, “34 years ago almost to the day we had a wild idea we can be a hip hop band and take on the world through it all the dream became a reality and the reality became a nightmare for some. And now he’s awaken from the fame long live shock G Aka Humpty Hump and Rest In Peace my Brotha Greg Jacobs!!!”

Later, the news was shared by Shock G’s close friend Nzazi Malonga, who also served as head of security and helped manage the group. Nzazi said that the rapper was found unresponsive in a hotel room in Tampa, Florida.

Shock G led the group “Digital Underground”, which gained popularity with the song “Humpty Dance” released in 1990. The success of this song ultimately gave him the nickname “Humpty Hump”, which was also called Shock G’s alter ego.

Soon after the new broke, many hip hop stars and celebrities took to social media to pay their tribute to the legend. Big Boi, Chuck D, Snoop Dogg and Busta Rhymes were among those who expressed their pain. Talib Kweli wrote, “Our brother Shock G was a GIANT. There’s not one aspect of what we do musically that this man has not influenced.”

Rapper 2Pac shared a memory of him with Shock G. He wrote,

“I look back [on my times with Shock G] with the greatest fondness. Those were like some of the best times of my life…”

– Tupac


RIP Shock G”

The cause of death has not been revealed yet. According to Jacob’s father, Edward Racker, no signs of trauma were seen on Gregory and that the authorities will perform an autopsy.

Malonga also revealed that Shock G struggled with drug addiction for years. He told that Shock G, originally known as Gregory Jacobs, used to live with him in Los Angeles to get sober in the early 2000s. But he had relapsed and been recently living with family in Florida.

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