the good fight cut short

Did the Good Fight finish Season 4? Is the team starting with a season 5?

The Good Fight is an ideal American series for an audience who love to watch legal dramas. The show began on February 19, 2017, with its first season of 10 episodes. It was first aired on CBS and later premiered on CBS All Access. The Good Fight is created by the successful showrunner couple Robert King and Michelle King. Moreover, the two are famous for the show “The Good Wife”.

The pandemic has put a stop to many production processes. With this, there were questions in the air when The Good Fight season 4 was cut short due to corona. Fans were anticipating whether season 4 was finished or if it will be continued later. The pandemic has also affected the finale of the show as the team had to make changes because of the unexpected turn of events. However, the Kings recently in an interview mentioned their future plans for the series. A season 5 is going to be premiered. Despite the changes and shortening of the show, the team has exciting plans for its audience and have adapted to the situation. the release date of season 5 has not yet been confirmed. However, we can expect it to release by late 2021 or early 2022. Read to find out more about the Good Fight.

What is the storyline of The Good Fight?

The name of the show suggests a good amount of physical fights and violence but that is not exactly the case. The Good Fight revolves around three feisty women, Diane, Lucca and Maia. A financial scam ruins the reputation and savings of both Miai and Diane who was her mentor. They are seen as finding a way through their career and new life despite the struggles and obstacles they have to deal from political and social issues and their fights against them. The show has mastered in infusing the real-world problems into the lives of the characters.

The excitement of the team was immense when CBS gave a green light for a fifth season. The season is likely to involve the recent issues regarding Black Lives and the elections and also the pandemic. The fifth season will also pick up from where it left. The team could not bring justice to the final episodes and so will make up for that in the next season with many more adventure and good fights.

Other updates on season 5

Due to the pandemic, there was a halt in production and season 4 was cut short. However, the team is back with yet another interesting season. The Good Fight season 5 is likely to be released by late 2021 or early 2022. There has been no formal announcement regarding the release date.

The same cast is likely to be back for the Good Fight season 5 with maybe few exceptions. There is still confusion regarding the return of Cush Jumbo for season 5. However, we can expect the rest of the cast including, Baranski,  Nyambi Nyambi, Delroy Lindo, Audra McDonald, Sarah Steele, Michael Boatman, Zach Grenier, John Larroquette, and Hugh Dancy. New faces are also expected to show up.

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