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Did Snape Love Harry? How Did Snape Feel About Harry?


Did Professor Snape Ever Love Harry Potter or did he just lie to dumbledore? This is one of the most common questions which arises when we talk about the relationship between harry potter and professor snape, Well if you want to know everything about them just scroll down and read the full article.

When the name Professor Severus Snape is spoken, there will always be two opposing views—one positive and one negative. But they both concur that he is the Harry Potter series’s most amazing character. However their connection was totally and full of hate ( Before Snape Dies), But we have to wonder: Did Snape genuinely care for Harry Potter?

Dumbledore And Snape’s Plan To Kill Voldemort:


When Dumbledore informs Snape that a portion of Harry’s soul is keeping Voldemort from passing away, the latter states that for Voldemort to be put to death, the Dark Lord himself must murder Harry.

Then, Snape queries whether keeping Harry alive was done so that he might be killed at the appropriate moment. Snape replies by summoning Lily’s doe-shaped Patronus, implying that he has and always will love Lily and that she is the only reason he is willing to defend Harry, answering Dumbledore’s question of whether he has finally grown to like Harry.

Severus Snape Want To Take Revenge For Killing Lily Potter:


I think Snape’s lack of affinity for Harry stems from James, (Harry’s father). It’s never apparent who Snape actually sides with Voldemort and the Death Eaters or Dumbledore and the whole army within the order of Pheonix. during the course of the story. He shares his love with both, but it becomes clear when he murders Dumbledore that was all planned.

Both Harry and Draco Malfoy were under Snape’s protection, albeit for different reasons. After Lily’s passing, Snape is certain that he won’t stand by Voldemort and that he wants to assist in bringing him down. He visits Dumbledore, and the two cooperate to prevent Snape from being identified as a spy.

These conflicting motives demonstrate that, in the end, he cares about Harry, We all saw Snape’s memories, When snape was about to die he gave harry his tears all told him to see his past, In Snape’s memory harry got to know all about snape’s past and he was just protecting harry from Death Eaters and Voldemort. Snape has to show that he hates harry so that nobody can identify that he is with Dumbledore. I see people hating and loving this relationship simultaneously, What do you think about this situation?

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