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Did Jeff Bezos give diamond ring to girlfriend Lauren Sanchez?

Jeff Bezos and his girlfriend Lauren Sanchez were viewed out in St. Barth, in which they’re spending the holidays together. The spotting was only days after Sanchez had been spotted, together with Bezos, sporting a brand new diamond ring on her hands, which she allegedly was sporting week.

The two Bezos, 55, and Sanchez, 50, shot in the areas of St. Barth, drifting the waterfront with palms secured in a romantic gesture, the Daily Mail reported. The former beauty contestant had been spotted wearing a cherry with white long-sleeved coverup while Bezos wore comfy apparel with multicolored shorts along with a short-sleeved shirt, the news outlet said.

The couple also allegedly spent some time in Cheval Blanc restaurant combined with Sanchez’s son, Nikko, 18. For supper, Sanchez wore a long strappy black gown full with cream-colored hat, sunglasses and hooped earrings which were also accompanied with her fresh luscious accessory — a heart-shaped diamond ring, the Daily Mail said.

This couple spent a while on Geffen’s $200 million yacht.

Bezos and Sanchez allegedly had an affair prior to the Amazon CEO declared his divorce to his wife MacKenzie in January. After Bezos’ divorce announcement, Sanchez filed for divorce against the husband Patrick Whitesell following 14 decades.

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