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Deviant, Will there be a new season for the series?

The Deviant is a humorous movie about a matchmaking service for people with bizarre sexual differences (all of which lawful or borderline lawful, except non-statutory female on male rape). The Deviant was published by Doug Dezzani and Reid Waterer, and directed by Reid Waterer. It was the first aspect of Waterer.

The MPAA film classification is R for strong sexually explicit content, exposure (by the transvestite character of Tiffany Shepis), and language.

Little more information about Deviant:

This film was an award for Best Feature at the 2003 Ohio Independent Film Festival. It was given a rave review by Julie Washington in Cleveland’s biggest publication, The Plain Dealer, in which she found it “Hilary and more heartfelt than all of the celebrations that packed the multiplexes”. In the Winston Salem Journal of North Carolina, Mark Burger wrote: “Slight but attractive romantic comedy in which the unconventional dating website tries to connect people with sexual quirk”.

Illumination Entertainment is the production house for this Deviant movie. It was produced independently and was released on DVD in 2004.

What happened in the story:

The matchmakers’ Norm (Doug Dezzani) at hopeless romantics who can find remarkable love matches for anyone, no matter how strange their behavior may be. But when Norm recruits sassy protégé Monique (Tamara Curry) and attempts to show her the tricks of the trade, they find the craziest clients he’s ever had, including those who are:

Marina (Tiffany Shepis), a nudist woman who is searching for someone to express her thoughts on casual nudity and sexuality. That is someone who’s going to see her constant nakedness through the love of the human body rather than through an invitation to have sex. Standard himself, who still feels deficient in sex due to his inability to achieve reciprocal orgasms with his sexual partner.

Cecilia (Angel Boris), a sex obsessed woman who can’t speak to men in private without automatically raping them at a gunpoint and/or knocking them unconscious (see somnophilia). She did some to Norm itself when she first introduced her issue to him in his personal residence, and the former to Monique’s former boyfriend (at a date that Norm later arranged for them).

A house cleaner that’s stimulated by pubic hair. That’s why she either steals it from her customers’ homes or sneaks on her male clients and grabs her pubic hair right away. A man who has been aroused by cats. A bodybuilder who thinks like his penis is too short.
A woman who can only achieve orgasm by standing upside down on her head. Chad (Brad Yoder), a pool guy who can’t help arousing his clients’ pools. Ivan (Christopher Bradley) is a “handicapped” gay man who uses his wheelchair as an excuse to look at people’s crotches. He is reluctant to do so explicitly, as he feels unwelcome in the gay world because of his older age.

Somehow, Standard and Monique find the best match for one of their customers as well as for themselves, thereby leaving the movie with an optimistic note that there’s a decent match out there for everyone.

Who were the characters and crew?

• Jamie- Emma Bell
• Whit- Nick Ballard
• Rick- Robert Adamson
• Preston- Bradley Bundle
• Marlene- Gail O’Grady
• Director- Michael Feifer

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