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Designated Survivor: What is the story of the upcoming season?

Designated Survivors is an American political thriller drama television web series created by David Guggenheim and executive produced by Mark Gordon, Nicholas Pepper, Jeff Melvoin, Jon Harmon Falmond, Amy Harris, and Neal Baer for the channel ABC. The first season of the series debuted on ABC on 21 September 2016, and it was a huge hit among the audience worldwide.

In May 2017, ABC renewed Designated Survivors for its second season which was released on 27 September 2017. After two successful seasons of Designated Survivors in May 2018, ABC cancelled the show for further seasons, and that’s when Netflix shows up to take over the series because of broad viewership. In September 2018, Netflix and Entertainment One made a deal of renewing the series, Designated Survivors for its third installation consisting of 10 episodes which were premiered on Netflix on 7 June 2019.

Designated Survivors

Is there a fourth season of Designated Survivors?

After an average rating and semi-hit of the third season of Designated Survivors, Netflix cancelled the series in July 2019. The creator of the series hasn’t revealed any plans for the fourth instalment of Designated Survivors. Many think that the third season of the series ended on a conclusive note, but for others, it was a cliff-hanger ending, and they are expecting a sequel to the last episode of the third season of Designated Survivors. Well, it’s not yet officially announced about the arrival of the fourth season of Designated Survivors.

What is the story of Designated Survivors?

An American politician, Kirkman named as the designated survivor of the State Union, and he suddenly ascends the position of U.S. Secretary to President of the United States of America after an explosion which killed everyone including the presidential line of succession. With his little experience, Kirkman tries to handle the country alongside finding the truth about the explosive attack.

The audience find the plot engaging, and liked how the mystery unfolded with every episode. With three successful seasons, the series made a huge fandom who’s expecting a fourth season of Designated Survivors. If it happens then it’d be interesting to see how the plot unfolds mystery.

Designated Survivors

Who will be in the major roles?

If a fourth season happens then the majority of the cast from the three-season will reprise their respective roles, and that includes Aaron Shore, Kiefer Sutherland, Tanner BuchananNatascha McElhone, Maggie Q and few others.

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