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Demi Lovato has true faith in God and requests fans to pray

As per the recent report, Hollywood actor Naya Rivera who is most famous for playing the role of Santana Lopez in the popular show Glee went missing on Wednesday after the actress had taken a boat trip with her four-year-old son. Since this shocking news has come, many Hollywood celebs came forward to help the actress and took their social media accounts and requesting their fans to pray for the well-being of the missing actor.
Several renowned Hollywood celebrities have added the note that they have been praying for e safe return of the Glee actor Naya Rivera.  Among them, Rivera’s co-star, Demi Lovato, who worked with her in the Glee show, even took her social media account to pray for the well-being of Naya.
The Simply Complicated star Demi has also requested the netizens to pray for Naya Rivera’s safety and health. A few hours after the post was shared. Another snap was posted by Demi Lovato which shows that she was praying for Naya Rivera. And it is also mentioned by her that “nothing is impossible with God”.
After that, she wrote her Twitter account and urged her fans that ‘Let’s put this energy out there: they will find Naya Rivera healthy and alive!!
Besides Demi Lovato, other Glee co-stars of Naya also shared the messages on their social media accounts saying that they are praying for the Naya Rivera.
Heather Morris, who worked with Naya in Glee show is reportedly her closest friend has also shared a post on her Instagram account. And it has also been penned by Morris that “We need ‘all the prayers we can get to bring for Naya back home to us. We need your love and l ht”.
In addition to this other Glee cast members including Harry Schum Jr. and Iqbal Theba also shared the post about the actor.
It is said that on Wednesday Naya Rivera with her son rented a boat for 3 hours and we’re supposed to return by 4 pm. When the authorities searched for them and the boat then they saw her son sleeping and no sign of Naya around. Authorities were called immediately and later upon asking the 4-year-old kid he said that they went for swimming.
Venture County Sheriff Kevin Donoghue on July 9th 2020 told the press conference that operation rescue will be executed with proper search and recovery warrant.

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