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Death Note Season 2: Release Date, Plot, Cast, Storyline

Death Note Season 2

Its been long for the fans of Death Note for the waiting of its season 2. After getting amazed by the Death Note first season, fans have started posting Instagram, Twitter, and other social media handles. People have begun demanding the Death Note Season 2, which is speculated to be released soon.

After watching the anime on Instagram, people have also started criticizing the movie. One of the Instagrammer has asked the official account of the film to delete their account. Besides, one has bluntly admitted that the movie is a waste of time when compared to the anime i.e., the Death Note, whose second season is yet to come. Here’s the Instagram account where you can read such comments:

Death Note Season 2 Introduction

You watch anime or not; it is quite apparent that you might have heard about the name of Death Note anime from someone. However, don’t worry if you are still unaware of it, here at The TeCake, we will tell you a brief description of the series.

According to Wikipedia, Death Note is a Japanese manga series illustrated by Takeshi Obata, created by Tsugumi Ohba and directed by Tetsurō Araki. It was co-produced and animated by Madhouse. The post also noted that the anime was telecasted on the Nippon Television network every Tuesday.

Netflix has also released movies about the theme. However, that didn’t pump fans’ hearts and their reactions have already been shared above in this post. Though the movies did good business, creators have considered these as failures.

You can also watch the trailer below:

Death Note Season 2 Release date

There is so much pressure on the developers for the release of Death Note Season 2 as we already told that netizens are demanding for the sequel. However, you might get sad to know that there is no official announcement has been made from the officials regarding the release date. It is speculated that the COVID 19 pandemic is also delaying the announcement.

Besides, the season one of Death Note was self conclusive with its 37 episodes, and hence, Manga may not release the second season. Moreover, seeing the demand producers can take it as a business opportunity and reveal season 2, maybe next year.

However, if you still want some thrill from this franchise, Japan’s Jump SQ magazine will be launching a new story of it, by the end of this year. If you still want to watch Death Note Season 2, sorry but you can’t do anything than waiting.


The concept of the Death Note was derived from the common phenomenon of specific rules. Ohba, the developer initially wanted to create suspense and thrilling anime series, and hence, he didn’t feel that he should build a Bollywood like fight-style series.

Ohba said that, when he came to know that the anime sequence had got approval to create the artwork, he “couldn’t even believe it”. With the nods of network officials, the Death Note became a serialized manga series.


I would like that you should skip this section of the content if you haven’t watched the Death Note Season 1 yet as I don’t want to spoil your thrill.

The anime is about a school-going student named Light Yagami who found a diary labeled “DEATH NOTE,” which wasn’t an ordinary diary, and it was a magical notebook on which if you write someone’s name, it will kill that person eventually. Now, think yourself if someone has a powerful weapon, and it is a kid. How dangerous it is.

The hype is all about this diary and its power only. As the anime continues, Yagami gets blinded by the dark powers he now possessed and went on a killing spree. And noticing the movements cops and Detective L starts spying on the kid and investigating the crime scenes.

That’s all; I won’t spoil it anymore. If you want to know what happened later, kindly watch season one on Netflix now.

Death Note Cast

As depicted from the Storyline above, the lead role is followed by Light Yagami. At the same time, the whole story is supported by Detective L Lawliet, Ryuk, Misa Amane, Nate River, and Teru Mikami.

If you have watched the movie too, along with the characters mentioned above, you might have seen some new characters like Ryotoro Sakajo, Sanami, and Shiori  Akino. Although the newer ones aren’t mentioned in the original Manga.

As we all know, the first part of the Manga’s anime got an overwhelming response and the movies have been considered as failure. Hence, it can’t be judged at this point in time how much it could affect the fans.

Death Note Netflix Film

As far as you have read the whole article, you are now understood how overwhelmed this anime is. Hence, the franchise has also launched two video games, followed by a movie launch at Netflix.

Also, as the fans who have earlier watched the anime didn’t like the movie much, but still the Death Note holds a considerable fanbase. Will Madhouse finally realize their mistake and go ahead with a second season? It remained a question. Let us know in the comment box below what you think about it, and if you were Madhouse, would you have revealed the launch of season 2?

Meanwhile, enjoy the movie trailer:

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