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Death Note 2, The Last Name Returns In 2021?

Death Note – a Japanese manga show well-written by Tsugumi Ohba and shown by Takeshi Obata. The saga follows a high-school student who encounters a supernatural notebook that gives its user the ability to kill.

However again, Death Note is back with its second season, trending all over the internet. Later the renewal of its long-dead manga, opportunities for the return of the anime have raised.

The provocative plot of Death Note’s unique manga has nailed hundreds of speculations about the anime sequel. Fans can watch each character that mirrors the current US President in the next installment.

Special one-shot manga to come back in 2020

Despite all the requests for renewal, the highly successful Death Note show has been halted dead for around 14 years. The last part of the series that came out in July 2006, covered up the plot of the previous installment by closing Light Yagami’s (lead character) storyline.

Therefore, fans were not sure if the manga creators whether again write a sequel or not. Fortuitously, earlier this year, the writer & illustrator pair confirmed the release of the latest Death Note manga.

The news broke out in early January 2020, that the Death Note manga show is going to return after all these years. After the announcement, it was unveiled that it will be a standalone One Shot manga. As it continues the original story. In no time, fans started theorizing whether Light will return or not.

There were some assumptions related to him returning to life. However, upon the manga’s launch in February 2020, readers found that the sequel has pushed on from Light’s story.

Who all were featured in this series?

The lead role in this show is Light Yagami. The following characters include Detective L Lawliet, Misa Amane, Ryuk, Nate River, and Teru Mikami.

What will the story display?

A University student Yagami holds a Death Note, (death note is a magical notebook) that can kill anyone whose name is written on its pages. Despite this, he seeks to use the book only to catch those criminals, but, he’s fascinated to use it for less noble purposes.

Yagami’s life became difficult by a police investigation, led by the firm teen detective L, into the character of a vigilante killer. Also, the television starlet Miss Amane, who holds a Death Note, proves evenly troublesome.


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