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Deadpool 3: The filming is suspended or confirmed?

After Disney’s accession of 20th century Fox, Deadpool and X-Men franchise were suspended and put on break in the year 2016, but back in December 2019, the production on the third instalment of Deadpool is verified with the new alliance made with Disney and established to be released the movie soon. 

After Disney’s purchase of Fox was concluded in 2019, all X-Men films in advancement were discontinued, containing X-Force and Fox’s edition of Deadpool 3; with marvel studio putting up with the influence of the franchise.

Deadpool is an American superhero film which was founded on the Marvel character, and directed by various directors for each sequence- Tim Miller and Deadpool 2 and third is going to be directed by David Leitch. Wade Wilson is an ex-special force functional who presently works as a mercenary. His world appears crashing down when cruel scientist Ajax miseries, where his face is disfigured. So to take revenge, he chases for him with his new abilities and a dark twisted sense of humour. 

Deadpool 3 is confirmed or cancelled again?

In November 2016; with expansion underway on Deadpool 2, Fox was also planning Deadpool 3, which was said to comprise the X-Force team. It was corroborated that Fox was looking for a separate filmmaker to direct Deadpool 3. Leitch illustrated the experience of working with Ryan “I would be grateful to work on something- Deadpool furthermore. It just depends on time and place, so we will see what happens”.

In 2019; as Disney is restricted in producing R rated movies, the CEO of Disney Bob Iger said that Deadpool would be integrated with the marvel cinematic universe under Disney, by saying “as long as we let the audience know what’s coming” and will be live in the R-rated universe that was built. In October 2019, Reese and Wernick said that they have a script in improvement, but we’re staying for approval from marvel studios to begin production on the third film”.

In December 2019; Ryan Reynolds confirmed his part with Deadpool in an interview  “we are working on it right now with the whole team. We are over at marvel now, which is like the big leagues all of a sudden. It’s kinda crazy”. As Ryan stated the third sequel is totally in a different direction which we can foresee to endeavour further down Cable’s story and indicate an enormous amount of his home and mainly, his girl Hope.


As they thought of planning to make the movie by the end of 2020, but the pandemic made it unthinkable and postponed the production. So if Deadpool 3 began filming in early 2021, then it could be possibly out in 2022.

Who is coming back in Deadpool 3?

It’s clear that Ryan Reynolds is back as Deadpool

Josh Brolin as Cable

Zazie Beetz as Domino

Stefan Kapicic as Colossus

Brianna Hildebrand as Negasonic Teenage Warhead.

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