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Deadpool 2 Production Company Hit With Fine

A stunt performer was killed during the filming of Deadpool 2.

It was way back in 2017 when the second film of Deadpool was under filming process. The production team was buzzing with filming each and every sequence as perfectly as they could. The team consisted of some of the best and young talent from the industry. Along with the whole crew, we also had a professional motorcycle racer who was working as a stunt performer during the filming of the show. Notably, this was also the first time that the racer was working as a stunts-person. Tragically, the individual met with demise as she was ejected from her bike while filming one of the sequences and went through a glass plate of a window, directly being hit with a lot of damage.

The company behind the production of this film is the Vancouver-based, TCF Vancouver Productions LTD. It has reportedly been slapped with a $300,000 by WorkSafeBC, the British Colombia equivalent of OSHA in the U.S. According to a recent report by Cinema Blend, the fine is due to the finding that the production of Deadpool 2 is actually in violation of five requirements that must be involved for any and all Canadian workers, as per the Canada’s Workers Compensation Act and the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation.

It has been discovered by WorkSafeBC that among many other violations, it is also found that the production team has actually met with failure when it comes to identifying numerous hazards that were actually involved while filming the different stunt scenes and controlling any form of danger during the filming of similar sequences. The report further notes that the stunt performer who was involved during the shooting of the particular sequence that got her killed, was not actually wearing any safety gear that can remotely be deemed as appropriate. According to another report by Deadline, the racer was actually provided the instructions by the production team to actually not wear any safety gears.

The stunt performer’s name was Joi Walker. On that particular day, she had replaced another stunt performer, Zazie Beats as Domino in one of the sequences. As mentioned previously, this was the first time that Joi Walker was looking forward to working as a stunt performer in one of the films. However, little did Joi know that the day would not end well. The production team has been found to be in violation of a lot of different rules and regulations that must be followed as a result of performing numerous dangerous stunts.

The death of Joi Walker marks a very bad decision that has been taking in this industry in the past few years. There have been many other films that have eventually ended as being massive failures. For example, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is another one of the films that can be expected to have resulted in an accident that has caused death.


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