Darth Vader: Star Wars key character ! A brief story !

Darth Vader is a lead villain in the science fiction franchise Star Wars. He appeared in retitled Star Wars: Episode IV—A New Hope 1977, Star Wars: Episode V—The Empire Strikes Back 1980, and Star Wars: Episode VI—Return of the Jed 1983.

What is Darth Vader Story?

In the Star Wars film of 1977, his head is covered with a mechanical helmet. He has a typical breathing sound an eerie, mechanical hiss. Vader is armed with a deadly light sabre, telekinetic abilities, and keen intelligence. The army of the Empire in a ruthless campaign against the heroic Rebel Alliance he leads the army.

In the 1980 Star Wars film Darth is shown as the father of the young rebel. In the climax of the next film of Star Wars 1983, he returns to save his son and he turns against the Empire. He sacrifices his own life in the process.

Darth is shown as a young slave boy in a trilogy of prequel films. He is shown as liberal and trained by the galaxy’s guardians of peace and justice.

How was the character of Darth Vader created?

George Lucas the director and screenwriter created the character. His life is shown as the standard arc of the hero’s journey. The storytelling is based on western mythology. The character is being portrayed by various actors. David Prowse acted as Darth and James Earl Jones did the voicing in the original trilogy. Sebastian Shaw played the unmasked Anakin in Return of the Jedi. In the prequel trilogy, Jake Lloyd and Hayden Christensen played the character. Christensen replaced Shaw as Anakin’s spirit with the 2004 re-release of Return of the Jedi.

Movies of Darth Vader –

Star Wars: Episode IV—A New Hope 1997, Star Wars: Episode V—The Empire Strikes Back 1980, Star Wars: Episode III—Revenge of the Sith, Star Wars: Episode VI—Return of the Jedi 1983, and Star Wars: Episode I—The Phantom Menace, Star Wars: Episode II—Attack of the Clones.