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Dark Tourist season 2: Release date, Cast, Plot, and lot more

Dark Tourist

Dark Tourist Season 2: In this world who doesn’t want to explore new places? Who has never wished to travel in their entire life? Over these exploring things, there’s a lot of problems too. The most crowded places lessen the purpose of the vacation, which in turn makes it more important for travellers to give it a second thought. This leads to visit the road that is less travelled by, and such an idea makes up the birth of dark tourism. If you love to explore places that aren’t flocked by people, then the dark tourist will guide you and warn you about the stuff you are getting yourself into.

What’s going to happen in the next season of ‘Dark Tourist’?

Dark tourist is a documentary series presented by journalist David Farrier. It is a New Zealand documentary series based on the plot of dark tourism. It streamed on the online platform Netflix with a total of eight episodes in its initial season in July 2018. The presenter explores various places in the first season with various other journalists.

Who is going to be there in the list of the cast in ‘Dark Tourist’ season 2?

Since the documentary is based on travelling and exploring places, the cast is only the presenter and he accompanies no other partner in his journey. New Zealand journalist David Farrier for his exemplary work has acclaimed internationally too.

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Review of the ‘Dark Tourist’ season 2!

In ‘Dark Tourist’, the host Farrier reflects out the dark tourist in himself and travels certain places of the world that still carry the scars of the tragedies that at some period overtook them. His first stop in season 1 is in Colombia, the only thing it is most famous for, it is Pablo Escobar! When we think about travelling and exploring places, our very first thought is to visit the most visited and popular spots. Nonetheless, every place has its history, some darker than others. The form of travelling that indulges the type of people who fascinated by death and destruction called dark tourism.

Dark tourist season 1 premiered in the year 2018. The feedbacks, responses, and critics were all mixed up and cannot be summed under one particular category. The genre of the documentary being quite different and at the same time it goes out of the box for a certain audience, some received it with great enthusiasm, while some did not like the show for their hatred towards David. They back lashed him, saying it was not worthy of seeing such a documentary where you visit such dark places for pleasure and entertainment.

What is the release date of ‘Dark Tourist’ season 2?

Though there has been no such official rumour or tip coming up of about the renewal of the show, the best we can hope is to have it streaming online sometime in 2020. The world is such a vast place, and it is highly challenging to confine and explore them and complete it within eight episodes. Due to the ongoing pandemic, no official announcement has done, but the lovers of dark tourism have to wait for the Dark Tourist season 2 to stream sometime soon.

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