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Dark Tourist season 2: Why the show is not yet renewed?

Dark Tourist

Dark Tourist is a likable show of Netflix. Its been two years since fans are waiting for the next season. Read why Dark Tourist is not yet renewed, and other details- Plot, Cast, Release Date, and reviews.


Dark Tourist is a New Zealand documentary series about traveling and dark Tourism by Journalist David Farrier. Season one was released on 20th July 2018, and since then, many fans are waiting for season 2. Read further to know what is the status of season 2 coming out.

Why the Show is not yet renewed?

Sadly, there are not many chances for the Show’s returning because of unfair criticism. Though, David is enthusiastic about season 2 and wants that Netflix should hit the green light for season 2’s renewal. In his words, “There are many more places to visit and travel.” Many people are excited, including David, but it’s up to Netflix. Let’s see how it will go.

What the Show is all about?

This New Zealand documentary is about a journalist who visits unusual tourist places and records the experience and situation. David, as a narrator, visited many different places, and he wants to visit more and create another part. Hopefully, Netflix will renew the season soon.   

Cast of Dark Tourist

All the cast members mentioned down were self-rolled.

  • David Farrier
  • Dan Bulter
  • Daley Catherine
  • Michel Channels
  • Martine de Souza
  • Andy Drury
  • Claudia Escarranga
  • Kieran Geary
  • Pat Hall
  • Ricardo Hernandez
  • Andy Jones
  • Deanna Little

Review Analysis of Dark Tourist:

Some fans believe that the show is very entertaining with a good story and content. It will provide you overall a good experience of watching. The Show is a bit hard to watch because it shows the darker sides of the world. 

David, on the other hand, got criticized for being closed-minded, inexperienced, rude, sarcastic, and condescending. His Narrative is biased, too, according to critiques. 

This was all we knew about the series. Stay tuned for another update. 

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