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Dark Tourist Season 2 Rumors, Release Date, and Host Bio

Dark Tourist

People generally think of pretty and scenic places when thinking of the word tourism. This is not the case with Netflix’s Dark Tourist, however. This show presented by David Farrier is more appealing to people who enjoy death and destruction, on-screen that is.

Farrier takes us with him on a journey around the world, visiting places where great tragedies or violence had befallen, such as Colombia where hundreds died under Pablo Escobar’s reign, or Hiroshima and Nagasaki where the nukes were dropped.

Season 1 of Dark Tourist released back in 2018, and since then Netflix has not given any word on a second season.
Read on to find out what we know so far.

Dark Tourist Season 2 Release Date

With host David Farrier game for another season, the existence of season 2 of Dark Tourist all boils down to Netflix’s willingness to renew the show. There are so many places that Farrier is yet to visit, but for now, season 2’s future is bleak.

The Cast

Since the show is more of a travel documentary, the only recurring face we see is that of host David Farrier, a prominent journalist from New Zealand. He started his career with 3News before taking a shot at entertainment journalism before finally realizing his talent of serious journalism. Farrier started focussing on all sorts of stories regardless of whether others in his field would take an interest in it. He made a couple of documentaries, the earliest of which being ‘God Save New Zealand’.

As for Dark Tourist, Farrier and co-director Dylan Reeve received numerous threats against the making of their project, but the duo went ahead with it anyway. Farrier is known for not backing off when threatened. He even wrote an article that exposed how sexual predators trick children, which led to an inquiry that resulted in the shut down of various websites.

With a man like this behind Dark Tourist, anticipation for a second season is surely justified.

Where to Watch Dark Tourist

Dark tourist season 1 (and season 2 if it ever happens) is now streaming exclusively on Netflix around the globe.

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