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Dark Tourist is not coming back with season 2: Here’s the reason

Netflix’s dark tourist is more about death and destruction, unlike the ethnicity of tourism. The form of traveling that indulges the type of people who are fascinated by death and destruction is called dark tourism and, thus, the name dark tourist.

The epic show by David Farrier has been greatly admired and appreciated by people. Farrier takes us on a world voyage where great tragedies or violence had taken places, such as Colombia, where hundreds of people died under Pablo Escobar’s reign, or Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan, where the atom bombs were dropped.


Dark tourist is a New Zealand documentary created by journalist David Farrier, based on the plot of dark tourism. It first appeared on the OTT platform back in 2018. The first season was eight episodes long wherein the presenter, along with his colleagues, explored multiple places all across the world.

Unfortunately, there is very little chance of the series being renewed, given its unfair criticism, as per the information. However, in a recent report, David was found very excited about the season renewal. He also added that they are many more places left to visit. He is waiting for Netflix to give it a green signal only.

Dark Tourist season 2 Cast

All the cast members mentioned down were self-rolled in the series. We can see David Farrier, the creator of the show. Accompanying him were his excellent colleagues Dan Bulter, Daley Catherine, Michel Channels, Martine de Souza, Andy Drury, Claudia Escarrang, Kieran GearyPat, Hall Ricardo Hernandez, Andy Jones, Deanna Little. The team is all expected to remain intact in season 2 if at all it returns.


This documentary is all bout a journalist visiting several unusual places and exploring life and destruction on-screen. He was the presenter himself. David Farrier, for his exemplary work, has acclaimed internationally too. If season 2 shows up, we can expect to see more new places, the legacies of the scars they carry with; thereby affecting the lives of people then and now.

Farrier reflected out the dark tourist in himself and traveled certain places of the world that carry the scars and traumas of the tragedies that happened at some point in time. His first stop was in Colombia, which is remarkably famous for Pablo Escobar. Through the entire show, he stooped at several places to explore them. Nonetheless, every place has its history, some darker than others.

This is all we know about dark tourists. Stay tuned to know more.


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