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Daniel Hernandez: Early Life, Career, Net Worth and Latest Updates!!

Daniel Hernandez

Daniel Hernandez – an American songwriter and rapper, who is popular for the stage name – Tekashi 69. His music includes martial rapping and dissing (not meant for kids to listen.)

Lets’ get into his Life

Tekashi was born on the 8th of May 1996 in New York City. His mum, Natividad Perez-Hernandez, was basically from Mexico shifted to the United States to live a more normal life. He has an elder brother – Oscar Osiris Hernandez. His dad was from Puerto Rico, who left them when he was around 8. Later his mum wedded again after reaching the United States, sadly, his stepfather was shot dead there.

He then wasn’t mentally and emotionally stable. Diagnosed with depression & traumatic stress disorder.

For minimum pay, he later began trading drugs such as cannabis and heroin. He was arrested then and sent to prison. There he met Nine Trey Gangsters (a part of Blood Street Gang).

When he turned 18, he had a daughter with Sara Molina called Saraiyah.

What about his career path?

In 2014, he began rapping, started releasing songs. He launched many songs over time. He began earning fame when he was trolled for his tattoos & hair.

In 2017, Tekashi launched his debut single, which was named Gummo. The song made it to number 12 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

Later he launched his debut mixtape in 2018, which topped again the charts going to the 4th place on the Billboard 200. Tekashi signed a deal with his label 10k Projects in 2019 for an album in English & one in Spanish.

Lately, in April, Tekashi asked the judge to permit him for shooting a video for his forthcoming song in his backyard. He was given permission.

He released the track Gooba on the 8th of May 2020, and his track set the record in 24 hours as the most viewed hip-hop video, beating the prior record of by Eminem’s’ Killshot.

Daniel Hernandez Net worth 2020

Tekashi’s net worth is evaluated to be $4 million. Mostly, his revenue is from his albums and songs sold.

No other information is available about his house, cars, etc.
We will get back to you if we get any news.

Stay tuned for the latest information here!!

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