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Daisy Ridley: The Final Installment of Star Wars Saga is emotional

The conclusion of all the cinematic franchises are emotional, and it breaks the hearts of the viewers. Recently, Marvel has also put a definitive end to the Avengers Saga, and Iron-Man is dead. People are not over the death of the man in the Iron Suit. However, the ending of a franchisee is tough for the actors and actresses more than the audience.

When celebrities join a franchisee, they are brought into an extended family. They spend maximum time in promoting and shooting for the respective TV-Series and films. It is excruciatingly tough for the actors to wrap up something which is an integral part of their lives. Now, Daisy Ridley is going through the same dilemma.

Star Wars cinematic franchise is coming to an end

Daisy Ridley is currently in a turmoil where she has to say goodbye to the franchise which paved her way into Hollywood. Ridley admits that saying goodbye to the star-cast and the fantastic cast and crew of Star-Wars is extremely tough.

Recently, Ridley came forward to describe her experience concerning the shoot of Star Wars IX. In an instant, Ridley became extremely nostalgic, and she has also failed to remember the final shooting day of the movie. According to the new Jedi, the last shot of the film was extremely dramatic for her, and it was also emotional. Ridley also admits that she was literally in tears when she was saying the last line of the film.

It is an end of the era for Star Wars cast

Given that Daisy is the next generation of Jedi order in Star Wars. The movie has become an integral part of her life. On the other hand, the film also helped her to become a better performer and actor.

It is a sad moment for the fans as well as Star Wars actors as the film is one of the longest-running franchises in the world to date.

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