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Daddy’s Home 3: Will there be a sequel coming out?

Daddy’s Home is an American comedy film directed by Sean Anders. The movie released in 2015. This comic film is written by Brian Burns, John Morris and Sean Anders. The storyline talks about a step-father who claims for the attention of his wife’s children when their biological father returns. A sequel to this movie released in 2017, Daddy’s home 2. It is the main actor Will’s highest grossing film. The film released by Paramount Pictures. It in the year 2015 made $242 million worldwide.

Daddy’s Home 2 released in the year 2017. This sequel received less positive feedbacks from the audience. It did not reach up to the expectations. It made a business of $180 million all over the world. In an interview it was heard that the movie is all set to get its third sequel soon. Will there be a Daddy’s home 3 soon?

What is in the film that makes it different?

A very mild-mannered Brad Whitaker who is radio executive tries his best to be good step-father to his wife’s kids. With passing time the kids starts to form a nice bond with Brad. Then suddenly one day, Mayron, Sara’s ex husband appears in the scene. Mayron gets to know about the marriage of Sara and Brad. In spite of Sara’s denial, Brad lets Mayron stay with them. He believes that it is important for the kids. The kids need to see a respectful relationship between their father and step-father.

Dusty Mayron is initially a troublemaker for Brad. He started to create bridge between Brad, Sara and the kids. Dusty does every possible thing to take Brad out of their life. Brad gets really intimidated by such work. But when the hardest part of the life comes, Dusty proves to be not a fit father. It is then Brad who takes up the responsibilities. After many such happenings everything gets settled and they lead a happy life. In the sequel it is seen that Dusty and Brad are now friends. They are happily co-parenting their kids.

Who made the film more interesting?

The varied cast and their appreciable performance made the movies more interesting. The correct visual of the emotions of care, love, jealousy, responsibilities and family bonding is reflected through these cast and crewmates. These are the central characters around which the whole story revolves.

  • Will Ferrell plays the role of step-father Brad Whitaker.
  • Mark Wahlbargh as the biological father of the kids, Dusty Mayron.
  • Linda Cardellini takes up the character of Sara Whitaker.
  • Scarlett Estevez playing the role Megan Mayron.
  • Owen Vaccaro as son of Sara and Dusty, Dylan Mayron.

Is there a Daddy’s Home 3 coming this time?

The first movie released in 2015. The sequel of the movie came after 2 years in 2017. Both the season received quite good reviews from the audience. While the first made more sales worldwide, the later was a bit less satisfying. There are rumours that the movie will get its third instalment soon. Though there has been no official done from the makers as of now. There are chances of Daddy’s home 3 coming soon. Maybe by the end of 2021 we will get to see the movie . For such more updates keep visiting The TeCake.


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