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Cursed Season 2, Does the netflix has renewed season 2?


Netflix looks to have stepped into the break to fill the Game of Thrones-sized hole in the lives of an audience of fantasy TV, with The Witcher becoming the streaming service’s favorite original shows ever and Warrior Nun debuting ahead this year to boundless enthusiasm and a quick season 2 renewal. The third of Netflix’s heavy-hitting fantasy trifecta came in July. Cursed soon shot towards the top of most-watched lists around the world.

Based on Tom Wheeler and Frank Miller’s illuminated novel of the same name, Cursed undertakes the familiar Arthurian legend from a distinctive angle. In this version, the future King is a promoting character, while the future Lady of the Lake Nimue takes the mid-stage. A part creation story, part reinvention of the classic stories with a helping of postmodernism thrown in for great measure, the sorcery and sword epic’s first 10 episodes neatly set out the show’s stall and the central proposition.

A coming-of-age tale with a fantastical medieval spin, Cursed highlights many of the supporting roles and tale beats found in the standard Arthurian mythology but ducks falling into the formula by approaching the narrative from a new and different perspective. Nimue turns out to be a symbol of hope among the various races living under the absolute rule of King Uther and his Red Paladins, while Merlin is re-imagined in the much younger and eccentric form of Vikings’ Gustaf Skarsgard, who hastily steals each scene that he is a member of in what is easily Cursed’s breakout performance.

Has Netflix renewed Cursed for its new season?

Cursed is available to stream on Netflix for more than a day, which means it is too early for Netflix yet to reveal if the Arthurian drama will be returning.

Netflix was about to announce renewals early, but only in the rarest of circumstances like The Witcher’s renewal before the first season even arrived.

The first few weeks will be quite important for Cursed as Netflix will be looking at all of the possible analytical data for the series.

Will Arthur ever own Excalibur?

The most popular sword in fantasy enlightenment, to wield Excalibur, or in this case, the Sword of Power, grants the user untold abilities. Besides Nimue, Arthur is the one to become the wielder of the sword.

Some foreshadowing of it was given by Merlin despite the fact he was appeasing to Cumber.

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