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Criminal: UK Season 2 Netflix: Recently Release


Criminal is an Anthology series by George Kay and Jimfield Smith. The most awaited season 2 of Criminal: UK has premiered on Netflix recently. Read till the end to know all the details about Criminal: UK Season 2. The cast of the show, plot, and reviews. 


Criminal Falls under two genres which are police procedural and anthology series. Season 1 of Criminal:UK was released on 20th September 2019, and season two was released on 16th September 2020. Season 1 was accompanied by 3 related shows which are, Criminal: France, Criminal: Spain, and Criminal: Germany. 

As the show ended up a big hit, there are chances for more. Fans, hold your breath for more because there will season 3 of criminal. There nothing confirmed yet high chances to it’s making. 

What Criminal: UK is all about?

Season 1 is all about accusation on a man for assaulting his stepdaughter in the presence of his working partner and season 2 is all about the further interrogation in detail, and it is followed by the other angel where the man is saying that it wasn’t assaulted, it was consensual. 

Cast of Criminal: UK

  • Katherine Kelly as Detective Chief Natalia Hobbs 
  • Lee Ingleby as Detective Inspector Tony Myerscough
  • Mark Stanley as Detective Constable Hugo Duffy
  • Shubha Saraf as Detective Constable Kyle Petit
  • Sophie Okonedo as Julia Bryce 
  • Kit Harington as Alex
  • Sharon Horgan as Danielle Dunne
  • Kunal Nayyar as Sandeep singh
  • Avmen Hamdouchi as Detective Sergeant Jamie Reis

What do fans say about the Movie?

Fans say that the reason behind our love is smart writing and spectacular performance. There are no many places and people; it is just a simple, intense, and intriguing show. Another reason behind this is, it is tiny. 

The fans believe that Criminal: UK is one of the best British miniseries.

There is nothing much for season 3 for now. As soon as we get to know something, we will update. Read other articles for updates related to your favorite shows.

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