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Criminal season 2 released: Here’s all you need


Criminal Season 2 was premiered on 16th September 2020. The guest stars Kit Harington, Kunal Nayyar, Sharon Horgan, and Sophie Okonedo were taken for interrogation. The series is extensively directed by Jim Field Smith.

Criminal has a total of 7 episodes in both the seasons, with Season 2 having 4 episodes with each episode about 45 minutes. The series is crisp and engaging given the fact the accused always look innocent as if they can’t do any wrong but the reality id different.

Criminal  Cast

Season 1 featured stars like David Tennant as a doctor brought in for questioning over the murderer of his 14-year-old stepdaughter and Hayley Atwell  playing the role of a suspect in an attempted homicide.

Season 2 roster includes Sophie Okonedo in the role of Julia Bryce, the wife of the man convicted of the murder, Kit Harington playing the debut as Alex Daniels, a suspected rapist; and Sharon Horgan as Danielle Dunne, the founder of a vigilante group that ‘outs’ pedophiles after entrapping them online. Kunal Nayyar is seen as acting as Sandeep Singh, an incarcerated entrepreneur who expects to get a reduction in his punishment for confession of the truth.


As per reviews, the drama is mostly confined within the interrogation room: raised up voices, and exposure of some truly dark, shameful human instincts, which otherwise remains unknown. The drama also follows on to the control room, when the focus is given on the backroom wheeling and dealing required for intra-agency cooperation, or for the levers of the legal system to grind just a little bit quicker, or for a carelessly dropped conversational clue to be examined in rigorous detail. On the other side, the drama throws light to the interpersonal relationships of the officers themselves.

More particularly, Episode 2, featuring Kit Harington, strikes out a very realistic twist as he turns a predictable interview on its head and at once, leaves the investigators on the back foot. His dialogue draws us into the world outside the interrogation room, wherein the precious time spent within the room has negative consequences and repercussions on the lives of those being summoned.

Episode 3, with Sharon Horgan, builds up to a point where her character Danielle Dunne’s cocky righteousness and certainty in her “mission” is punctured. The fourth episode, with Kunal Nayyar, resumes with Nayyar’s Sandeep Singh taking a completely uncommunicative stance towards his interviewers when the former questioned him about a suspected murder.

As per information, there is no update for criminal season 3 as of now. We all very soon expect some news season 3 hopefully.


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