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Countryside Americans are more likely to attempt suicide, a report says

The news of recurrent deaths of popular celebrities is common in the United States but the news that people in the rural communities are also facing the problems with people attempting suicides is not so common. However, such cases are reportedly taking place. People in the rural areas are now suffering the most and more than thousands of Americans belonging to the small towns every year suffer from prolonged periods of mental issues without any access to mental health facilities.

A research was conducted recently where it was investigated as to why people in the rural regions are attempting suicides and what is the root cause of the situation. More than 95% of the medical health patients in the rural areas were unable to get access to the mental health services, as inferred from the survey.

Along with this, about 90% of the people said that it was difficult to employ qualified professionals in the rural regions and the reason behind this was the inability to pay sufficient salaries and lack of professional development opportunities. According to the reports, it has also been stated that a majority of people said that the problems related to mental health in their areas are not researched properly and it is something that not everyone knows about. There’s also insufficiency in providing an accurate assessment of the mentally disabled people.

Suicide has been considered as a leading cause of sky-rocketing death rates in Americans with guns as a solution in the rural areas because it makes death easy and quick. The rate of suicides and suicide attempts are the indicators of the wellness percentage in a society pertaining to the social and emotional backgrounds.

Even if the rural Americans were provided with the medical help, most people would be unaware of them or it might not reach to all. As stated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 45,000 Americans died after attempting suicide in the year 2016. This suggests that a higher percentage of the total number of people who died of suicide had no access to mental health services.

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