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Coronavirus Tips: How to protect yourself in lockdown amid COVID-19 pandemic

The world is going through nCOVID pandemic and many people are suffering from this virus since December 2019. Lacs of people from many regions got severely infected by coronavirus, be it Wuhan, Italy, Spain or US in the past four months. So it’s important to discuss the coronavirus tips so that we can stay aware and take proper precautions in order to fight against coronavirus.

We will discuss coronavirus tips point by point, so that you can understand the same easily.

  1. Stay Home and Stay Safe: If you go through the unfortunate happenings in Italy, Wuhan and other areas. You will see that many cities have been locked down for months.

Because this COVID-19 virus is so contagious, the number of infected people has increased in just few weeks insanely. Also, this virus is so new that there is no vaccine which can specifically treat this virus. Hence, staying indoors and self-isolation is the key thing to protect yourself from this pandemic.

  1. Wash your hands often: Try to practice the basic hygiene, washing your hands with soap and water for good 20 seconds is important to wash all the germs you might have on your hands.
  2. Sanitize your hands: Sanitizing your hands from time to time is very important. You can use any sanitizer or rubbing alcohol which has more than 70% alcohol content will be able to kill the virus from your hands.
  3. Don’t touch your face: We understand that many of us have a bad habit of keep touching our face. But for the time being until we do not come over this pandemic do not touch your face, especially eyes, nose and mouth.
  4. Keep a safe distance: In case, you have to have come in contact with a coronavirus infected person then make sure you maintain gap. Do not go close to the sick person as you can catch infection easily.
  5. Cover your cough: If you are having cough then make sure you cover your face each time you cough. This thing will help in preventing further COVID-19 infection because coronavirus spreads with the droplets generated by corona infected person when he/she coughs or sneezes.

If you feel sick then do not take things lightly. It can be a normal flu and it can not be a normal flu. Hence, get your self checked and treated even for normal flu.

Youtuber askgoldy has made a video where she has busted the coronavirus myths. She has explained everything in detail in the video below.

Though coronavirus can not get treated with any vaccines, doctors can treat the symptoms but not the virus hence here comes the popular term “prevention is better than cure.”

We can not treat coronavirus as of now but we can stay away from it by simply following coronavirus tips. So stay home and stay safe.

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