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‘Coronavirus, Explained’ To Premiere On Netflix Soon

This is a mini-series that attempts to make sense of the Coronavirus pandemic that is currently gripping the world.

Netflix has created itself the reputation of producing some very sensible and informative content. Not only are they leading the entertainment industry with some of the most entertaining original films as well as series, but they are also actively working towards producing some valuable documentaries. With this effort, they are striving towards ensuring that they can shed light on a topic that is important to the society. They, in some way, are educating the audience in matters relating to humanity. In a similar effort, there have been confirmed news regarding Netflix working towards publishing a mini-series that will be based on the current Coronavirus Pandemic situation.

The online-streaming platform is set to launch its mini-series named, ‘Coronavirus, Explained,’ on 26th April 2020. Throughout the series, the narration will try and make sense of the current situation. There are not too many details available regarding what exactly the story will entail. However, we will try to shed as much light as possible in order to provide you all the details associated with ‘Coronavirus, Explained.’

‘Coronavirus, Explained’ background

Netflix is not the only producer behind the informative mini-series. It appears like Netflix along with Vox Media is working towards providing a simple-to-understand and free coverage of the on-going situation. The narration will take place in the form of different media coverage that has taken place since the outbreak of the disease.

‘Coronavirus, Explained’ is a part of Netflix’s original catalogue. In other words, the online-streaming platform has released many such similar series that go with a similar title as the former. The narrative will remain unchanged in this one as well.

What does ‘Coronavirus, Explained’ offer

The series will completely be based on facts only. The intention of the series is not to sensationalise the subject but rather spread awareness about it. In this effort, they are also aiming to bust any myths or fake news surrounding this subject. They want to avoid the spread of misinformation regarding the disease.

‘Coronavirus, Explained’ trailer

The team behind ‘Coronavirus, Explained’ has also been able to release the trailer.

On the basis of the information that could be deciphered through the trailer, it seems like the series will primarily be explaining the origin of the disease. Furthermore, they will also be highlighting exactly why coronavirus had become a pandemic. There are a lot of mental health implications associated with the same. Netflix will be exploring the repercussions that the general audience had to face as a part of it.

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