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Conor McGregor to be the main character of ‘Dystopia: Competition of Heroes’!


The infamous MMA fighter Conor McGregor has been shining in the ongoing UFC Championship. Above that, Conor McGregor is now going to be on ‘Dystopia: Competition of Heroes’. Certainly, Conor McGregor recently announced that he’s going to be the main character of the RTS game. Let’s know more about it!

Who is Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor is an Irish boxer and an MMA professional. Other than that, he is also a known and successful businessman. He owns the Irish whiskey company called ‘Proper Twelve’. He has won many boxing games and has been a former UFC champion. Currently, he is fighting in the ongoing UFC Championship. Adding to his accomplishments, Conor McGregor has now become the main character of UFC’s game called ‘Dystopia: Competition of Heroes’.

Conor Mcgregor
Source: Fox Business

Above all, Conor McGregor is one of the highest-paid athletes. However, after a long run in the sport, McGregor had announced his retirement in 2019. But, he couldn’t keep himself out of the ring. Conor has been back in the game for a long time now. Moreover, he is participating in the ongoing UFC Championship. Also, we will be seeing Conor McGregor once again fight against his good friend and the top fighter Dustin Poirier.

McGregor in ‘Dystopia: Competition of Heroes’

Although McGregor has been featured in various video games before, this time it’s UFC’s own game. Moreover, this is going to be the first time that McGregor will be the main character.

‘Dystopia: Competition of Heroes’ is an upcoming Real-Time Strategy (RTS) game.
Recently, McGregor has been added as ‘main video game character’ to the game. Certainly, Conor McGregor announced that he will be the main character of ‘Dystopia: Competition of Heroes’. Moreover, the game’s website says that ‘Dystopia: Competition of Heroes’ will take place in a dystopian New York City. Players will get to fight alongside McGregor and defeat enemies. Also, players can make moves to climb the ladder, and play against other players around the world.

The website of ‘Dystopia: Competition of Heroes’ states, “Every world needs a hero, In our case ‘ it’s Conor McGregor”. The video game is created by Arcosoft Gaming Studios. If you want one, you can pre-register the game at play Google. Apparently, the UFC has its own video game series in which the players can play as McGregor or other fighters on the UFC roster. Before this, McGregor also had a small role in a ‘Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’.

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