What Happened To Jenny Jones After The Controversy?

Confession Turns To Murder: What Happened To Jenny Jones After The Controversy?

Janina Stronski was born Janina Stronski in Bethlehem, under British rule of Palestine. In 1981, she identified herself as a native of Italy on “Match Game.” She and her family relocated to Canada in 1948 after moving from Italy.

Jones was born to Polish immigrant parents: Zosia “Sophie”, a seamstress and dressmaker; and John Stroński, a Polish army officer who was with the British Armed Forces at the time of her birth. Jones was raised Catholic in a strict household in London, Ontario. Her parents were the owners of a bridal shop.

What Happened To Jenny Jones After The Controversy? Confession Turns Murderous:

What Happened To Jenny Jones After The Controversy?

The Jenny Jones Talk Show is one of the most recognized shows all over. This Canadian American talk show was hosted by Jenny Jones from 1991 to 2003. This show lasted for about 12 seasons in total. Starting from confessions to dirty talks, every matter was discussed in this show. Like this one fine episode had turned all the tables, when the audience found that the talks were slightly diverting into a murder threat.

This particular episode “Same Sex Secret Crushes” was scheduled to be released on March 6, 1995. This episode had Scott Amedure and Jonathan Schmitz and guests of the show. The main topic of this episode was gay liking. During the conversation, Scott Amedure confessed his true gay feeling for Schmitz. Also when in return Schmitz expected another woman of that show to propose to him, none actually did. As an instant reply, he laughed at his confession and diverted the whole topic. But three days later of that shoot, Schmitz out of nowhere killed Scott Amedure for confessing his love publicly.

He officially announced that he killed Scott because of the reason that he confessed his love for him which eventually made Schmitz embarrassed. No investigation was needed as Schmitz himself went to the police station to accept his action. Later Schmitz was ordered to 22 years of imprisonment. In August 2017, he concluded his phase of imprisonment.

Consequences Of Schmitz’s Actions:

What Happened To Jenny Jones After The Controversy?

The topic did not only end up with Schmitz. The host of the show Jenny Jones was summoned by the court for rigorous questioning. Scott Amedure’s family had not only filed a case against Schmitz, but they also filed a case against the show.

Even after the whole Court journey, Jenny Jones hosted the talk show till May 2003. But a very negative effect of the case impacted the show’s high counting ratings. A Netflix Originals Documentary “Trial By Media” was also made relating to this shocking incident.

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