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Community Is Netflix’s Prized Possession, Here’s Why

All the six seasons of Community have ended up bringing a lot of attention to Netflix.

Netflix is fortunate enough to have landed the deal with Community’s creators, as the show has ended up bringing a lot of profit to the online-streaming platform. The show consists of six seasons and it appears that all the six seasons have been able to launch on Netflix, as of April 1st, 2020. Since the time these seasons were put up online on Netflix, it has been able to rope in as much popularity as one can not even imagine. The metrics is proof that Community has ended upbringing in a viewership that is much larger than any other shows that might be available on the same platform.

It was earlier this year when Netflix made the decision to acquire the license over from Hulu. Producers and creators behind the show were keen to build a partnership with Netflix as well. Fortunately, it has ended up bringing widespread attention from the audience. For those who might not be aware, the show features numerous big stars including Chevy Chase, Joel McHale and Donald Grover to name a few. The first five season features these stars as the main cast. The show has previously aired on several other platforms including Hulu.

According to the information provided by IMDb,’s MoveMeter, Community has ended up increasing a range from 300-400 sitting in the list to straight 8 in the list. This news is accurate as of April 18th, 2020. Other tools that can be used to analyze the popularity of the show are Google Trends. As per the analytics, we have been able to measure just how well that show has been doing. When compared its popularity in the last five years, this year has experienced unprecedented growth, which is leaning towards being highly positive by nature.

The show has ended up being so popular that it has managed to surpass the popularity that Friends had essentially established. As far as the global streaming wars are concerned, the rights to the show are expected to be falling into competition soon enough. Furthermore, they are also expected to jump further up in the market. According to the recent reports, the show Friends was supposed to be one of the high-profile shows that have done quite well for Netflix. Instead, it ended up being a major loss. On the contrary, it is none other than Community that has ended up being a much larger success in comparison to The Friends.

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