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Colton Underwood reveals being gay on GMA!

On a pre-taped GMA interview with Robin Roberts, “The Bachelor” star Colton Underwood came out as gay. The show aired on GMA on Wednesday, which announced in its promo that the episode was going to be deeply personal.

The former NFL player says he is the happiest and healthiest since he accepted the truth. The GMA gave the star a platform to reveal his secret to the world. Colton said, Underwood said, “I’ve ran from myself for a long time. I’ve hated myself for a long time. I came to terms with that earlier this year and have been processing it, and the next step in all of this was sort of letting people know.”

For so many years, various questions have been raised about Colton’s sexuality. Finally, the star has put a stop to all of it by coming out as gay. According to Colton, he knew he was different at the age of 6. But, he looked upon himself after his breakup with Cassie Randolph in 2020 and has accepted the truth.

Moreover, the star revealed finding himself in a dark place with no wish to stay alive and attempting suicide. Colton told Roberts, “There was a moment in LA that I woke up, and I didn’t think I was going to wake up. I didn’t have the intentions of waking up. I think that for me was my wakeup call… Overall the reason why now is because I got to a place where … I would’ve rather died than say I’m gay.”

Colton also said, “I’m emotional, but I’m emotional in such a good, happy positive way,” he continued. “I’m like the happiest and healthiest I’ve ever been in my life. That means the world to me.”

Moreover, Colton talked about being on the dating show “The Bachelor”, and apologized to his ex Cassie Randolph. He said, “I would like to say sorry for how things ended. I messed up. I made a lot of bad choices… It made it more confusing for me. I loved everything about her. I wish that I would’ve been courageous enough to fix myself before breaking anyone else.”

He also apologized to all the women for appearing on the show and hurting them. Colton said he regrets being on the show and that he could have handled it better. Colton shared, “I just wish I wouldn’t have dragged people into the mess of figuring out who I was… But I can sit here and say I’m sorry to all of those women, and I can also say thank you because without them and without ‘The Bachelor’ franchise, I don’t know if this would’ve come out.”

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