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Colonel Sanders: How did he establish Kentucky Fried Chicken(KFC)?

Colonel Sanders net worth

One of the biggest fast-food chains is the Kentucky Fried Chicken which is very well known as KFC. Fast food means KFC for many around the world. The franchise is very much popular among US citizens. However, the founder of this global franchise is Colonel Sanders. He is a businessman and is known for being the founder of KFC. He also worked as KFC’s brand ambassador and symbol. Sanders earned the title of Kentucky Colonel, this is not a military title but just an honorary title. This famous businessman passed away on December 16, 1980, at the age of 90 years. This article covers everything about his personal life, career and achievements.

Quick Facts About Colonel Sanders

  • Renowned for being the founder of KFC
  • Born on: September 9, 1890
  • Age: 90 at the time of death
  • Profession: businessman
  • Married to Claudia Price
  • Kids: 3
  • Siblings: not known

How He Became Famous?

Colonel Sanders was born on September 9, 1890, in Henryville, Indiana, US. His parents are Wilbur David and Margaret Ann. He does not have a rich background and his father worked on a farm until he broke his leg. He then worked a butcher. Sanders parents were true Christians who followed strict norms in the family and for their kids. Due to financial difficulties, he began work as a young child to support his family. His mother remarried but he did not have a good relationship with his stepdad. He has done various works on a farm, Army, fireman, insurance, law.

However, he did not succeed in any of these fields. Later, he began serving chicken dishes which led him to open his own franchise. When his secret recipe became the talk of the town, he was approached by several popular restaurants and their owners. He then established KFC which he sold for $2 million at the age of 73.

Personal life

Colonel Sanders was first married to Josephine King but the couple broke it off in 1947. Later he married Claudia Price. He is the father of 3 kids. There is no much information available regarding his personal life.

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The net worth of Colonel Sanders

Colonel Sanders has a net worth of around $10 million. All of this, he earned from his business franchise.

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