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Cody Simpson and Miley Cyrus Officially Break Up after dating for less than a Year

Miley Cyrus

The bold, strong, versatile, unconventional, liberated singer Miley Cyrus cannot be described and limited to a few words. Even the adjectives seem to fall short while describing her flexibility. She has been into news since her teens and it seems that since then she has taken good care of not being out of the spicy news as and when required. Her past relationships have made her, even more, wiser, from Nick Jonas to Justin Gaston, from Liam Hemsworth to Cody Simpson, all have left no stone unturned to push her up in the glamour news industry.

Cody Simpson Spotted Being Pampered by a Mystery Blonde:

To talk about her current relationship status, we cannot miss out on Cody Simpson who was once seen revolving at the center of her life and now everything seems to fade. It has not been long since the Australian musician was seen being kissed in Malibu by a mysterious blonde. They were later again spotted meeting in a park then in a cafeteria. It seems that Cody is now all done with Miley as he was seen happy and gay with the blonde beauty. They were also captured holding each other’s hand

Cody Simpson

Miley Claimed to have a Real Bond with Cody:

when the two started dating each other it was Miley wh told that she felt truly loved for the first time and that the bond she has been sharing with Cody feels far more real when compared to her past romances. After divorcing Hemsworth she seemed all content with Cody until the tenth month when things started growing bitter between the two. However, the two continued to be great friends even after the split.

They unfollowed each other on social media:

Miley Cyrus once came live on Instagram following her split with Cody. She said that she and Cody are now actually deciding and pondering over their respective lives. They want to figure out who suits them best and where they are heading in life. Although the clear reason for the break up was no revealed, many speculations held both Cody and Miley responsible for the split. Miley said that Cody wanted some me-time and preferred being single while Cody reported that Miley was too busy in her own life to pay attention to him. It is also evident that they have unfollowed each other from their social media account after Cody was spotted dating a new girl.

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