Coco Martin net worth

Coco Martin: Personal life and net worth of the Filipino actor

Coco Martin is a famous Filipino actor known for his roles in “Mga Kuwento Ni Lola Basyang: Ang Walong Bulag,” “Ligaw na Bulaklak.” He is also a director and film producer. He has made a name for himself in the film industry. Coco acted and directed in the movie Ang Panday reboot. He also won several accolades and has a large fanbase. Now the curiousness remains about how much he earns. Read more to find out more about his net worth, childhood, and personal life. This article will give you all the details about the celebrity that you need to know. Before that, here are some quick facts about the celebrity.

Quick facts about Coco Martin

  • Renowned for being a Filipino actor, producer and director
  • Born on: November 1, 1981
  • Age: 39 years
  • Profession: Actor, director, producer, screenwriter, creative manager, endorse
  • Married to: none
  • Kids: none
  • Sibling: none

How did he become famous?

Coco Martin was born in Novaliches, Quezon City, Philippines. His parents were Maria Teresa and Ramon Nacianceno. However, he was a street kid as his parents got divorced when he was very young. He is also a worshipper of the Black Nazarene. However, Coco was raised by his grandmother from a very young age. He attended the National College of Business and Arts and has a degree in hotel management. His initial role was in 2001 when he appeared in “Star Magic.” His other roles are in “Masahista,” “Kaleido,” “Batanes,” “Mga Kuwento Ni Lola Basyang: Ang Walong Bulag,” “Ligaw na Bulaklak,” “Daybreak,” “Kinatay,” “Nagsimula sa Puso,” “100 Days to Heaven”, “Growing Up,” “My Little Juan,” “Noy,” “Captive,” “24/7 In Love”, and “A Moment in Time.” Later, he was considered one of the successful actors in the industry. He is also the owner of CoSyn Mediatech and production company CCM Film Productions.

Personal Life

His personal life has not been very public as of now, and so there is very little information available about it. However, there are rumors about his girlfriend being Julia Montes and Coco being the child of her father. Further, Julia mentioned that they are just good friends and are not dating.

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Net worth of Coco Martin

Coco has a net worth of $20million. He is considered one of the most successful actors in the film industry. He is likely to earn more as years go by due to his increasing success rate.