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City of Lover Concert will be aired on May 17: Taylor Swift

With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, things have been pretty much crazy for one, and all and the disease has somewhat exiled the globe to the restrictions of their home. Hollywood celebrities, also musicians, have been using powerful virtual media to entertain their fans. BTS, for instance, hosted an online weekend concert called Bang Bang Con, which included a 24-hour entertainment program for the ARMY. And now, it is time for Swifty to celebrate the new concert special that Taylor Swift has just announced.

As Taylor reveals, the City of Lover concert will be broadcast on May 17, 2020, and will feature unseen fans from Swift’s lover performance in Paris in 2019. In Good Morning America the 30-year-old singer shared about the happy news: “Hey, Good Morning America it is Taylor. I just wished to say, Hello! Hope everyone’s doing well and everybody is happy and healthy and safe.” She added: “I played the concert in September called the City of Lover show and it was a lot of fun in Paris. It was indeed a show which was organized to celebrate the release of the Lover album, and yes we have filmed the show! So, on May 17, that will be shown on ABC. So get ready for it.”

You can check the trailer of the of City of Lover Concert below

In the meantime, Taylor recently released a singer’s album entitled Live From Clear Channel Stripped in 2008 at Scooter Braun and Big Machine Records. The Singer You Need To Calm Down wrote in her Instagram story: “I think … just another case of brazen greed at Coronavirus time, so tasteless, but really simple.”

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At present, we have limited information regarding the City of Lover concert, because no insights have been shared with us yet. But stay tuned with us as we will update the article if we get along some of the relevant updates.

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