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Cierra Wight: What is the net worth of Big Show’s daughter?

Cierra Wight net worth

WWE is one of the most-watched events whose participants are also entering the entertainment industry. One of the well-known champions was the Rock who is now a highly paid actor. Along with this, Big Show also came to the movie space and did a part in movies like Knucklehead, Royal Pains, The Waterboy and others. Along with this, there was sudden popularity for his family. Among this, her daughter Cierra Wight gained considerable fame. This celebrity kid tries to keep herself away from the cameras. Further,  there is very little information about her that is available online. This article includes what we know about Big Shaw’s daughter.

Getting started

Cierra Wight was born in 1998. Her parents are Melissa Ann Piavis and the famous Paul Donald Wight II who works under the name Big Show. They broke it off in 2002 and Paul got her custody. Cierra is very close to her mother but has to stay with her father due to the law.

Personal life, education and career

Cierra did her schooling from Private High School. She completed her education from the University of Florida. Moreover, she has also taken up her father’s path in fitness. She goes to the gym 5 times a week and likes to be in shape always. She keeps her own life private and is not very involved in social media. However, she gets a lot of attention from the media for being Big Show’s daughter. She is yet to decide her career and we can also expect her to have her father’s influence in this.

Her relationship status also remains a mystery. She doesn’t reveal much of this to her viewers and the media.

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What is the net worth of Cierra Wight?

Cierra Wight currently has no income of her own. The money she has is inherited from her father. She has a net worth of around $500,000. However, we know her father is a millionaire and has $1-$5 million net worth.

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