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Christopher Nolan’s ‘Tenet’ Set To Hit Theatres On This Date!

Top among the highly-anticipated movies of this year is Christopher Nolan’s ‘Tenet.’ Ahead of the tension caused by the world pandemic, the movie’s distributors Warner Bros Pictures have officially confirmed the release date of ‘Tenet.’ The movie production house has announced July 2020 as the time when Nolan’s latest venture into science-fiction will be released.

Popular news sources suggest that the movie’s release date was much earlier than the announced date. The movie has faced the consequences caused by the Coronavirus situation that currently surrounds us. In fact, Christopher Nolan’s ‘Tenet’ is not the only film affected by this. Another equally highly-anticipated film, ‘Top Gun Maverick’ has also reportedly been delayed because of this situation. The production house is quite certain that they will not be changing the dates of release any further than this. It is quite interesting to note how the pandemic situation is really affecting the film industry. Many of the films have had to be shelved due to the delay caused by COVID-19. There are films which have had to face going directly on DVD rather than hitting the theatres due to this. Will the same be the fate that faces ‘Tenet’? Only time will tell.

Warner Bros’ CEO, Ann Sarnoff announced that the film will be released on July 17, 2020. He went on to call the film the company’s ‘tentpole’ title. He sounded confident as he stated that people are eager to watch movies like ‘Tenet’ and ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ to return to the theatres. Fans are excited to watch the film as it stars John David Washington, who is famous for his role in ‘Batman.’ Another major star who is joining the cast of the movie is ‘Twilight’ star, Robert Pattinson. These two well-known faces are enough to drive the viewers to the theatres. To add to this is Nolan’s reputation of creating one of the best cinematic experiences for the intellectual audience. Among the other movies that have been delayed to hit the theatres include ‘The Flash’ and ‘Shazam 2.’

More about ‘The Tenet’

The film has numerous speculations surrounding it. Rumors suggest that the script of the movie was so secretive that Robert Pattinson was required to read the script only when he was in a locked room. The cast also consists of Bollywood actors such as Dimple Kapadia. She is joined by stars such as Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Kenneth Branagh and Denzil Smith. A certain part of the filming also took place in Mumbai, India. He made the decision to film in areas like Breach Candy Hospital, Cafe Mondegar, Colaba Causeway, Gateway of India, Grant Road, Royal Bombay Yacht Club, and the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel.

Christopher Nolan has decided to also take the help of Hans Zimmer to produce the music experience in the film. Hans Zimmer is known to provide a revolutionary experience with his music in movies such as ‘Pirates of the Carribean,’ ‘Inception,’ ‘Batman: The Dark Knight Rises.’

Tenet Trailer

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