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Chris Hemsworth’s ‘The Extraction’ movie ending explained


If you haven’t heard about the buzz surrounding Chris Hemsworth’s latest production then you’re probably living under the rock. ‘The Extraction’ is the latest action movie that Netflix had the fortune of releasing. The movie has taken the viewers on a ride with most of the scenes leading them to be at the edge of their seats. If you haven’t watched the film as yet then you may want to stop reading from this point as the article is riddled with spoilers from this point on.

For those who have watched the film will understand the uncertainty that tails it’s dark and ambiguous ending. Much to the relief of most of the fans, we have some clarity coming right from the horse’s mouth. The film’s director, Sam Hargrave has explained the big cliffhanger.

The main character of the movie, Chris Hemsworth’s brainchild Tyler Rake primarily leads most of the scenes. All throughout the film, it is made quite evident that Tyler is living on a death wish. He is frequently driven to the depths of horror by sudden flashbacks of his son joyfully enjoying in a happy setting of a beach. It has a certain sense of nostalgia stringed along and it seems like Tyler seems to be living in a guilt or regret. The death of his son haunts him. In fact, the very first scene in which Tyler is showcased, we are able to see him jump off a cliff without blinking an eyelid. The very element of not fearing death itself is what makes Hemsworth’s character so deadly.

Tyler has been assigned the task of extracting Ovi, played by child actor Rudraksh Jaiswal. He is basically being provided the primary responsibility of taking the child out of Dhaka. However, along the way, he faces many grave challenges. On one side, he is being haunted by Dhaka’s military and police officials, fuelled by the fear of the drug lord, Asif. At the same time, Randeep Hooda’s character, a surprisingly deadly assassin, manages to give Hemsworth the run for his life. While he is on his journey of saving the child, he ends up empathizing with him. Along the way, he ends up seeing his own son in him and it is no longer a mission to extract the kid but to actually save him.

The film features a great climax towards the end with an entertaining fight put up by both the sides of the series. Ovi is eventually led to safety by the joint efforts put in by all. Tyler ends up being severely wounded and throws himself in the sea. The movie ends with Ovi taking a dive into the pool and as he comes out of it, a distinct figure – who looks a lot like Chris Hemsworth, is standing against the backdrop. Many suggest that Chris Hemsworth might actually be alive by the end.

The director of the movie has stated that he has left the ending to the imagination of the people. He doesn’t want to disappoint any viewer. If you are of the opinion that Tyler is alive, then that’s what you should believe happened at the end of ‘The Extraction.’

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