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Chevy Chase: Net worth, childhood, spouse, kids and other updates

Chevy Chase net worth

Chevy Chase is widely known for his role as Pierce Hawthorne in the series “Community.” He is also part of the shows National Lampoons and also in the Saturday Night Live. Moreover, he has also won multiple awards like the Primetime Emmy Award and Golden Globes. The actor was born into an upper-middle-class family involving members in the career of writing, art, and music. Apart from acting, he is also a writer and comedian. Want to know more about him? You have come to the right place. This article covers everything from his childhood to his personal life, career, and net worth. Before that, here are some quick facts about the celebrity for you to go through.

Quick Facts About Chevy Chase

  • Renowned for his role in National Lampoons and Community
  • Born on: October 8, 1943
  • Age: 77 years
  • Profession: writer, actor and comedian
  • Married to: Jayni Luke
  • Kids: 3
  • Siblings: none

What is his journey to fame?

Chevy Chase was born in New York City, USA, to Edward Tinsley Chase and Cathalene Parker. His father was a book editor and magazine writer, and his mother, a concert pianist, and librettist. She is an adopted child of Cornelius Vanderbilt Crane. Chase has a family of influential people. However, he did not have a happy childhood. His parents divorced and remarried. He has mentioned instances of abuse from his mother and step-father. He went to Stockbridge School and later graduated from Bard College with a Bachelor’s degree in Arts. Before making a name in the entertainment industry, he has done several odd jobs like a cab driver, truck driver, construction worker, waiter, fruit picker, audio engineer, wine salesman, and theatre usher.

He then established his career in comedy by writing a one-page spoof of “Mission: Impossible” for Mad Magazine. Along with this, he also worked in “The National Lampoon Radio Hour.” During this, he became the co-founder of Channel One. Chevy also appeared in the “Saturday Night Live” as the original anchor for the “Weekend Update” segment. He made his debut in the acting industry through movies like “Tunnel Vision,” “Foul Play,” “Oh! Heavenly Dog”, “Caddyshack” and many more. He is also the host of the talk show “The Chevy Chase Show,” but it was later canceled. He has appeared in various Tv shows and movies after this and also collected several awards.

Personal Life

Chevy Chase first got married to Susan Hewitt, but the couple separated three years later. He then married Jacqueline Carlin and later got divorced. At present, he is married to Jayni Luke. The actor is also a victim of addiction to alcohol.

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Net worth of Chevy Chase

Chevy Chase has a net worth of around $50 million. This money comes from his long list of roles on television and the big screen. He has amassed a long list of roles and also appeared and hosted several shows.

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