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Check out these fastest cars in GTA 5 Online for 2020

As if the game of GTA 5 wasn’t thrilling enough, we have brought for you, the list of the fastest cars in the game. No doubt, these cars add to the thrill factor of the whole game. If you want to up your game, you must know about these fastest cars in GTA 5. Keep reading to educate yourself!

If you are into GTA, then you must know that there are various categories for cars too. Such as Muscle cars, Sports Classic Cars, Sedan, Compact, Supercars, etc. Anyways, we have brought for you the list of some of the fastest cars in GTA 5.

Ocelot Pariah

I don’t think Ocelot Pariah needs an explanation. No doubt this is the fastest car in GTA 5. Although it might look not-so-impressive, it gives you a speed of 136mph. In fact, when the car is run at full speed, it might seem like the car is indeed flying. The Ocelot Pariah was brought to GTA in December 2017. So, it’s been three years and there has been no other car to outshine Ocelot Pariah.

Ocelot Pariah
Source: GTA Base

Hence, the car indeed proves it’s worth of $1,420,000. Yes you read that right. There is a reason why an Ocelot Pariah from Legendary Motorsport cost so big.

Pfister 811

Pfister 811 holds the second rank in the list of GTA’s fastest cars. This car has a classy yet funky look. Hence it might look faster and better than Ocelot. But as I said before, there is no car that could outshine Ocelot. However, a Pfister 811 takes you at the maximum speed of 133mph.

Pfister 811
Source: GTA Forums

Also, this car is influenced by the Porsche 918. Moreover, it was introduced in GTA in June 2016. The Pfister 811 was added as a part of Further Adventures in Finance and Felony update. Above all, the price of this car is $1,135,000.

Principe Deveste Eight

Number 3 in the list is Principe Deveste Eight. It is called to be the “one hell of a car” in GTA 5. Principe Deveste Eight is one of the Sports Cars. Hence, you would love this one if you are adventurous and a sport enthusiast. This tiger was introduced in February 2019, as a part of the Arena War update.

deveste eight
Source: GTA Forums

Moreover, Deveste Eight is based on real-life Devel Sixteen. It has the capability to make your competitors jealous. No doubt, this car will also charge you a hefty amount. This beauty comes with a price tag of $1,795,000 and moves at 132mph, the fourth highest rank.

Bravado Banshee 900R

Moving on with the list, Bravado Band with a speed of 131 mph. This is one of the most seen cars in the game. Certainly, the Bravado Banshee 900R was introduced in 2016. Still, it manages to be on the top.

Source: gta nz

However, the best part about it is it comes at a comparatively cheap price. You can get this car at a low price of $565,000.

Other fastest cars in GTA 5

  • Imponte Ruiner- fastest Muscle Car
  • Imponte Deluxo- fastest Sports Car
  • Dewbauchee Exemplar- fastest Coup vehicle
  • Benefactor Shafter V12- fastest Sedan
  • Grotti Brioso R/A- fastest Compact
  • Ubermacht Rebla GTS- fastest SUV

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