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Charmed Season 2 To Release On Netflix This Month

Charmed is expected to return on-screen with its second instalment in May 2020.

If the first season of the fashion series wasn’t enough, we have another instalment of Charmed coming up for its reboot. If reports are believed to be true, this series is expected to make its comeback this month. News regarding a second season had begun circulating online, as soon as the first season finale concluded. We are not aware of any confirmed details regarding what the storyline of the second season actually be. There is a possibility that this might start a new journey and not take up from the journey that was left behind in the first season. These details are not confirmed as yet. However, we have put together whatever we do know about the upcoming season.

Charmed Season 1 Series Explained

This has been put together so that all those who haven’t religiously followed the first season of Charmed can quickly get themselves up to speed with what they have been missing. The series is loosely based on the life of teens. The different thing about this series is that it is essentially based in 1998. We also have a bunch of witches who are in the process of learning what their true power really is. They are also practising blending in with the normal people of the society.

As far as the critics are concerned, the first season didn’t exactly fare well. Regardless of this, there is still a group of viewers who are dedicated viewers of the show. Therefore, the online-streaming platform decided to renew the show for another season.

Charmed Season 2 Release Date

The first season of Charmed released in May 2019. It’s been a year and it seems like Netflix is finally ready to give it a go. According to an online report, while this show will be airing on Netflix, it is also expected to air on The CW. It will air in its entirety on The CW. The show has kept its fall premiere schedule with the new season due to begin on The CW on October 11th, 2020.

The second season is further expected to be carrying 22 episodes in total. It will end up bringing us towards the end of a brilliant show by the end of it.

Where will the series be released?

There is a high possibility that the release might not take place in all the regions, as the first season. If rumours are believed to be true, it is possible that the show might not launch in the U.K. other than that, it seems like the show will only exclusively release in the U.S. There are numerous whispers going around regarding where the show will be following the audience around in the future.

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