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Charlize Theron, without a doubt, would do the sequel of Hancock

The most talented and gorgeous actress Charlize Theron shared her excitement for the sequel of Hancock as reportedly she wants to be the part of this. It was disclosed by the Bombshell actress during an interview that she is all set to do Hancock 2, the first part of Hancock was released in 2008.

The Oscar-winning actress also revealed that she was already thinking about the sequel of Hancock when the film was about to hit the big screen.
The fans of the actress, who was also featured in films such as Mad Max: Fury Road, Atomic Blonde, and The Italian Job are very much excited to know what the recipient of several accolades had to say regarding the sequel of Hancock.

The fans of the Big Little Lies star are expecting the sequel will actually be done. Apart from that, the actress also discussed in the interview how she would say yes to the sequel of her 2008 film in a heartbeat.

The movie Hancock revolves around a sarcastic superhero who intends to do good to people but is misunderstood by them. He one day meets an extremely good makeover artist Ray Embrey who tries to improve his life a bit. But things get really complicated when the entry of a woman Charlize Theron is made who has sort of same powers like him, and she even knows about his secret of the past. The co-writer is Vince Gillian and is directed by peter berg.

The big question about this movie is that will the sequel after so many years will the people like it, or will it cause any impact on them? We have to see about that, but since we have Will Smith and Charlize Theron as the lead, so we believe and are having high expectations from it.

If we talk about the work front of the Atomic Blonde actress she is featuring in the upcoming film, The Old Guard, in this film, she will play the role of an immortal fighter. And from this, the character, Charlize Theron, will remind the fans of a ruthless assassin. But, there is a twist in the plot. Though, the character of the Charlize Theron in the much-anticipated movie, The Old Guard, the character is attempting to save the world from the barbaric villains.

While the trailer of The Old Guard is already creating waves amongst the fans and audience members, the fans are looking forward to knowing more about the film. The trailer shows how Charlize Theron, along with her gang, seeks to save the planet from criminals who intend to create mayhem.

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