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Cat Escape Mod APK v13.1.6: How to Unlock Features for Free?

Cat Escape is an easygoing riddle game, where the players need to depict the part of a shrewd cat. Many mean watchmen will be available to prevent the cate from going into various rooms. Hence, we have to help the cat with the goal that it can go securely through these gatekeepers. Moreover, different hindrances are likewise present in this gaming item. We need to clear them also.

Certainly, this game is accessible on the Google Play Store. Above all, many clients have given it a normal rating of 4.2-stars. It has likewise recorded in excess of 10 million downloads. Besides, it has gotten +3 years age rating. This information shows that it won’t adversely affect your kid.

Cat Escape Mod APK: Description 

Cat Escape is offered by Sunday.gg for cell phones, especially Android clients. This is an easygoing game that conveys an unequaled degree of gaming fulfillment. It was uncommonly intended for times when you would prefer not to play something genuine. Certainly, it merits referencing that this game is appraised 3+ for everybody.

Another astounding thing about the game is that you can download it from Google Play Store. Moreover, the game as of now has more than 500,000 clients across the world. Certainly, the game is, without a doubt, a great one one.



Cat Escape Mod APK


Android 5.0 and above


13.1.6 (Latest)

Developed and published by


Google Play Store Link





50 MB





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There are countless things for you to appreciate in this game. This incorporates excellent illustrations and top notch sound. The game resembles a riddle, and you should be imaginative and cautious when you play it. There are such countless easygoing games to introduce on your cell phone. Nonetheless, Cat Escape will be the best you’d play.

Another intriguing thing is that the game offers stunning illustrations. This will help you in driving your cat to triumph. As referenced over, the level gets harder as you progress in the game.

Highlights: Cat Escape Mod APK

Cat Escape! is a free portable game inspired by with Japanese Manga style. Moreover, there is an abundance of different features, which gives the players an excellent, delicate and sensible gaming experience. Moreover, there is a straightforward.

In addition, the illustrations are basic and lovely. The players will get a top-see take a gander at the general situation. Moreover, each item in this game has brilliant tones. We accept that the designs are sufficient to catch the consideration of the players.

Features of Cat Escape Mod Apk

1. Different levels

There are many energizing levels present in the game. Each level is exceptional. Players will confront an arrangement of barriers in all of them. Also, the quantity of gatekeepers increases with each passing level. Hence, it is difficult to go through them as they become more ready in the last piece of the game.

2. No advertisements

We realize that untimely ads are the most irritating things that can show up on a game. There are games that have suffered due to a similar issue. In any case, our clients don’t need to stress over this issue as we have removed them all. This modded form assures to convey an advertisement free climate to every one of the players.

3. Win prizes

The players will get a few stunning prizes toward the end of each level. Certainly, your exhibition in the game will be an urgent factor in deciding your outcome. In view of your outcome, prizes will be presented to you. Above all, the clients don’t need to pay any extra measure of cash to open and use them. Play it for nothing!

4. Realistic and Sound

Cat Escape’s Japanese comic style, warm tones, adorable shapes, and rich subtleties give great visual pleasure to the game. However, the young lady is exceptionally little. Hence, to show the impacts of running, speed increase, and so forth, the innovative work has deliberately arranged.

Above all, the utilization of warm tones and adorable plan make Hide and Seek: Cat Escape! a versatile game.

Gameplay of Cat Escape Mod Apk

Simply tap the screen to finish the game activity At the point when the game begins, the young lady will run naturally. However, when the cat notices, the player needs to tap the screen to allow the young lady to crouch stow away to pass the level securely.

In each level, there are different sorts of impediments that permit the young lady to cover up. Moreover, going from water cups, apples, and models to as little as possible become an obstruction for the young lady to stow away. With fast eyes and speedy hands, evade the cat’s eyes and arrive at the end loaded with rich cakes.


How to download Cat Escape Mod APK?

Download Cat Escape Mod Apk free of charge to appreciate the game without advertisements. There are other stunning redesigns in the mod apk. What’s sure is that you’d improve gaming experience with the mod apk.

  • Firstly, download Cat Escape Mod APK from the link above.
  • Consequently, you will be diverted to our wire channel, download the apk from that point
  • After that, introduce the Cat Escape Mod APK by permitting obscure source in your android gadget
  • Subsequently, open the Cat Escape Mod apk
  • Appreciate the hack highlights of Cat Escape Mod APK on your android gadget
  • Finally, you have effectively introduced Mod APK in your gadget

Cat Escape MOD APK is perhaps the most famous Casual made for Android. It incorporates some high level highlights truly simple to utilize. It is a cool free game and is unquestionably worth having on your telephone.

Cat Escape Mod APK v13.1.6: How to Unlock Features for Free?


We have effectively referenced every one of the significant highlights of Cat Escape Mod APK above. Another astonishing thing about this game is that there are various levels to finish in the game. In the first place, everything would appear to be somewhat excessively simple, and you’d total levels without pressure. In any case, as you progress with the game, it turns out to be seriously difficult. This is to guarantee that players don’t get exhausted and they are locked in.

As referenced over, the ongoing interaction is simple. There are various gatekeepers at each level, and their solidarity increments with each level. Your point is to sneak your way without getting captured by the gatekeepers. This game includes the utilization of IQ. Just individuals with IQ that is better than expected can go far in this game. Is your IQ better than expected? Download Cat Escape to discover.

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