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Castlevania season 4: Release date, plot, cast and characters

Castlevania Season 4

The magicians and vampires continue to flying around. We have big news for the Castlevania fans. Castlevania season 4 is renewed and set to premiere. Ever since the launch of season 3, fans have been anticipating about the fourth season and now it’s coming. On March 27, 2020, the team had announced the renewal of season 4. However, considering the gap between the previous seasons, the new season is also likely to be delayed. Further, we can expect season 4 to launch by mid-2021.

Castlevania is based on a Japanese video game under the same name by Konami. The show is a combination of drama, horror, dark fantasy and action. Castlevania first premiered on July 7, 2017. Warren Ellis is the show’s creator and writer. He is known for a lot of his comic series like Red and Transmetropolitan. The show has done 3 seasons with 22 episodes. There were mixed reviews and critical claims for the show. The show was praised for its spectacular visuals and writing that captures the audience attention.

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Vampire stories are always exciting and so is Castlevania. The story begins with a Dracula and a human falling in love. However, their story doesn’t have a happily ever after ending. When Lisa(Dracula’s wife) gets murdered, he decides to kill everyone in Wallachia and sends his army of demons. When the people fail to stop him and they turn towards their last hope, the last descended of Belmont family. They have a legacy as vampire hunters. Trevor Belmont succeeds in vanquishing the vampire Lord. And he does this by joining forces with Dracula’s son Alcurd.

However, while the first two seasons focused on trying to defeat Dracula and his allied forces. Season 3 of Castlevania was revolved around the individual lives of the characters. Alucard is all alone in the castle and he is filled with guilt for killing his father. Meanwhile, two siblings approach him to learn from him but they betray him. However, towards the end we see Alucard displaying his father’s qualities. In Castlevania season 4, we can expect Alucard being the antagonist, he might even be worse than Dracula himself.

Cast and characters

The same cast expected to return for a new season.

  • Trevor Belmont voiced by Richard Armitage
  • Alucard voiced by James Callis
  • Sypha voiced by Alejandra Reynoso
  • Hector voiced by Theo James
  • Isaac voiced by Adetokumboh McCormack
  • Carmilla voiced by Jamie Murray along with the others.

Further, since we got a glimpse of Dracula and Lisa in hell, we can expect their return in Castlevania season 4.

Castlevania season 4

The renewal was made in March and the season is expected to premiere in mid-2021.  However, the new season will bring in more horror for the fans. It will be worth the wait!

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