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Carole and Tuesday season 2: Will there be a new season for the show?

Carole and Tuesday season 2

The anime’s future still remains a question mark after Carole and Tuesday season 2. Fans are anticipating over whether there will be another season or if the anime is canceled. The anime was split into two parts for its first season like most animes. Carole and Tuesday were directed by Shinichirō Watanabe and Motonobu Hori. The writers include a group of people like Deko Akao, Yasuhiro Nakanishi, Kimiko Ueno, Yuichi Nomura, Shinichirō Watanabe, Keiko Nobumoto. The show ran from April 10, 2019, to October 2, 2019, and has a total of 24 episodes.

However, regarding the new season, there have no updates from the studio and team. The studio Bones hass known for their various hit animes like Fullmetal Alchemist and My Hero Academia. The anime has achieved positive critics from its viewers and so a new part is very much awaited. To know more about the show, continue reading. 

What to expect from Carole and Tuesday season 2?

The show is about two girls, coming from very different backgrounds but made to cross paths with each other by destiny. We see that earth no longer has life and everyone has now begun to live on Mars. Tuesday is the daughter of a wealthy politician. However, despite having the luxuries, she is not happy. And so she decided to follow her dream of becoming a singer and run away to Alba City. There she comes to meet Carole, she is a refugee from the earth and also an orphan. But for them to be friends, none of this was important. The two girls were tied together with their passion for music. They begin singing duo and the unexpected happen. This was something they started off as a small thing but soon becomes a huge wave of fame in their life.

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Other updates on the show

The fans are waiting to see the two girls come up again on the screens. However, no news has been updated from any side. Since Netflix is also involved and also considering the viewership and fanbase, we can expect the show to get renewed. Even then, let’s not get our hopes too high for now.

The characters of the show include Carole Stanley, Tuesday Simmons, Gus Goldman, Roddy, Angela Carpenter, Tao, Dahlia Carpenter.

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