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Carole Baskin Net Worth, What are the Unknown Facts about her?


Carole Baskin is an activist in the field of animal welfare. She is very well regarded as the Chief Executive Officer of the charitable Animal Shelter, Big Cat Rescue. Formed on 6 June 1961, she was 59 years of age in 2020. She was born in Texas, United States of America.

Net Worth of Carole Baskin:

Don Lewis had been in the real estate business, and he was Carole’s second husband. He allegedly left $5 million in real estate after his death. Sources say that Carole had contributed 1 million dollars to Lewis’ daughters as compensation, while the remainder remained. Baskin has earned 2 million dollars from the trusts of Don Lewis. In all, she received $6 million from Lewis. After, she won $1 million after she sued Netflix’s Tiger King Joe Exotic over a copyright infringement lawsuit. As a result, its current net valuation is projected to be more than USD 7 million.

How was her childhood past?

Carole Baskin worked as a teen in a department shop. It was claimed that she began breeding cats for sale and even had a little lawn trimming company to make the ends meet. Soon she became CEO of the non-profit Animal Shelter called The Big Cat Shelter, which she created with her then-partner, Don Lewis, in 1992. She’s an animal activist at the moment.

About the family 

Carole Baskin has been married three times over. She’s happily remarried to Howard Baskin, who was married in 2004. Howard Baskin is a face on television. She was married earlier to Don Lewis, who was commonly referred to in Tiger King as Carole’s new husband, who mysteriously vanished and was found dead in 2002. Carole was engaged to her first husband Michael Murdock when she was just 17 years old. She’s even got a child with Murdock.

Few facts her About the kids

Carole Baskin has a girl from her relation to her first partner, Michael Murdock. The name of her daughter is Jamie Veronica Murdock. She was born on the 16th of July 1980.

Gossips about Carole Baskin:

Carole was included in a Netflix documentary named Tiger King, where her rivalry with Joe Exotic was revealed. Joe Exotic is renowned for being a convict and a retired zoo director where he owned and managed the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park. He has been married to Dillon Passage since 2017. Carole is also linked to the suspicious death of her second partner, but there is no official evidence of that.

A conversation of Carole Baskin with Kim Kardashian:

After the launch of a Netflix documentary named Tiger King, Kim posted a post that revealed her uncertainty as to whether Carole had killed her husband at the time. Carole responded from the social media account of the Big Cat Shelter and asked her to visit the Animal Sanctuary.


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