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Carnivale: What was so different about the series?


Carnivale is an American based television series, the setting is in the United States. The series has created by Daniel Knauf. The series went on air for 2 complete seasons in years between 2003 and 2005. In Knauf’s story, he combined an atmosphere with aspects of the surreal in showing struggles between good and evil and between free will and destiny. The show’s ground of mythology centered upon themes and genres from traditional Christianity and Gnosticism. Carnivàle, the production was by HBO and ran from September 14, 2003, to March 27, 2005.  The mysterious drama and dark fantasy made it better. It aired in a total number of 24 episodes in both seasons.

What was the storyline about?

The story of both the seasons of the series takes place in a particular time period. The dust bowl during the depression era is the background setting of the series. Coming to the storyline of the seasons, both of them with time converges with each other.

In the first season of Carnivale, it talks about a young man named Ben Hawkins who possesses some unusual healing powers. Ben takes a traveling carnival when it crosses near his home in Oklahoma. Soon after that, Ben starts having surrealistic dreams and various visions. These dreams then set him on the track of a man whose name is Henry Scudder. He is a drifter who many years before crossed ways with the carnival, and who probably is in possession of the same unusual capabilities as of Ben.

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In Carnivale season 2, the story revolves around Father Coughlin who is a preacher, and Brother Justin Crowe, who stays with his sister Iris. He shares Ben’s surreal dreams and slowly exposes the limit of his own unearthly powers. The powers include molding human beings according to his will and then making their sins and evils view as terrifying visions.

Who made up the series?

Nick Stahl plays the character of the protagonist in season 1, Ben Hawkins.  Michael J. Anderson plays the role of Samson, the manager of the carnival.  Patrick Bauchau acts as the carnival’s blind mentalist named Lodz, and actress Debra Christofferson plays the role of his lover. Diane Salinger takes up the character of the fortune teller Apollonia. They are some of the central characters will be shown in the series. The casting for the Carnivale has done with minute concerns. The makers wanted to put a real effect through the actions of the characters.

In season 2 casting, some changes have made. Some actors continued their characters while others were not there.  In the second season, a change in the casting of the actors and actresses will be there.

How was it accepted among the audience?

The show on its debut day gathered 5.3 million views which were the highest among all the HBO series. Then the next year, in 2004 this record had broken by Deadwood. On average, the view ratings of season 1 were 3.54 million. The show gathered various positive responses from the audience for its exemplary storyline and characters.

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