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Captain America Is Reuniting With The Avengers Cast

Captain America’s star Chris Evans is reuniting with the Avengers cast for a charitable cause.

Even in a time like this, the film industry has discovered a way to infiltrate our lives. Just as we thought that we won’t be seeing any new updates coming up any time soon, there’s a massive news come up regarding Captain America joining the Avengers cast again. Fans may think – how is this possible because isn’t Captain America supposed to remain dead (as per the last movie of Avengers)? Well, that doesn’t matter because celebrities have now discovered a fun and active way of remaining connected with their fans. In a recent development, Chris Evans announced that he is getting back together with the Avengers cast to reach out to the fans with an effort of highlighting an extremely charitable cause.

One thing that we know about Chris Evans is the fact that he is not much of a social media person. While he does have official accounts active on all the platforms, he is not personally invested into updating them religiously. This was true but before the 1st of May. Even when Chris Evans is active, his social media interactions are rather limited in nature. Until much recently, we didn’t even realise that he was on the Instagram platform as well. This was refuted by the fact that he wasn’t on Instagram. However, it was only after his co-star Chris Pratt began tagging him in all the challenge-videos that we found out that the actor is also in the social media platform.

Challenge video

For those who are unaware, this social media campaign had been initiated by Justin Bieber. It seems like the actor wanted to give the celebrities a chance to offer some really exciting perks. This initiative would help the fans in donating for a cause. The funds that would be collected over time, would eventually be contributed to Feeding America. Other than this, Meals On Wheels, World Central Kitchen and No Kid Hungry would also receive the funds. An example of this would be, for the person who gets chosen as the lucky winner will receive an opportunity to get eaten by a Jurassic Park dinosaur.

It seems like Chris Evans made the decision to respond to the contest by creating his Instagram account first. He was happy to offer himself to the fans. In a short and simple video, he made it evident that he is accepting the challenge. This is great news as the initiative also brought Chris Evans on one more social media platform. In response to this, Chris Evans can be quoted as saying, “This is a great cause. This helps get food to people who are in need during this COVID nightmare, so I am very happy to be doing this.”

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