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Can I Track my Workers and Family without Their Knowledge?

Cell phones are fast becoming a must-have in every household, and even for individuals. They are used in business, sports, entertainment, and even personal day-to-day use. From security to supervisory purposes, cell phone tracking apps are now a necessity. Are your children starting to act suspiciously? Are their actions and reactions starting to bother you, making it imperative for you to keep a close eye on their activities and daily life? Or maybe misconduct among your staff is becoming a thing of concern and you find the need to take matters into your own hands and regain some sort of control; a cell phone tracker is just the tool that you need.

Best apps for tracking a cell phone

So many cell phone tracking apps have been designed which makes it somewhat difficult to make up one’s mind about which of them to use. In this write-up, we will take a look at some of the best cell phone tracking apps; their advantages and disadvantages, what exactly it is they’re good for, and how to use them to make selection easier.

1.    uMobix

This is the best cell phone tracker app out there. It helps you take total control over your devices, letting you know everything on a targeted device no matter where you are. It is cheap and their customer care is very effective; patient, courteous and always ready to answer all your questions concerning the app. uMobix helps you ensure parental control. Installing this phone tracker would go a long way in ensuring the rest of your mind in matters concerning your children. You are given the opportunity of knowing their exact location at every time of the day as well as the things they do with their phones. All apps can be monitored, messages read and phone calls recorded. It also helps you guarantee the good conduct of employees. uMobix is the best phone tracker for Whatsapp as well as many other social media apps. Workers could be tempted to at one time or the other for various reasons decide to give out company secrets or alter things in the company’s database. By using this cell phone tracker app, you can rest assured that your company is in good hands. uMobix lets you intercept and record phone calls. Phone calls that you feel should not be answered by your children, staff, or even spouse can be easily intercepted and/or recorded. uMobix can be used with both Android and iOS devices. uMobix is available for Android phones for $29.99 per month for the basic tier and $59.99 for the full plan. The basic plan is, however, unavailable for iOS devices with the full plan costing $39.99 per month. You only have to pay $7.49 per month on iOS and $14.99 per month on Android if you decide to pay for a full year.

2.    Spyzzz

Touted as the best app to monitor a cheating partner, Spyzzz lets you monitor all the activities on your spouse’s phone. It allows you to access all the messages on your partner’s phone to make sure that they are not sending any messages to a lover. Spyzzz helps you monitor the phone calls made on and received on your partner’s phone as well as check out the contacts saved on the phone. You can also view the pictures saved on your partner’s phone to make sure they are not sending or receiving any inappropriate images. Spyzzz will also notify you of a change in Sim card if your partner has a secret sim card that they use to contact a lover. It costs a monthly $29.99 for the basic plan and $59.99 for the full plan on android devices. The iOS version costs the same for the basic plan but is $10 cheaper than the one for android at $49.99.

3.    Hoverwatch

Very effective in monitoring your children and in keeping them safe, this cell phone tracker app guarantees you an avenue to connect with their lives. We understand, you constantly want to know where they are or have been, who they have been talking to, and what sites they visit. These and many others are questions you won’t have a reason to ask yourself anymore because you can easily check and monitor practically everything that concerns them. With Hoverwatch, messages on WhatsApp, Facebook, Tinder, Viber, Instagram, and other social media can be accessed; even those that have been deleted. One of Hoverwatch’s best features is its ability to keep tracking a phone even when it is not connected to Wifi or GPS. Using the keylogger feature, you can record passwords and even websites imputed on the device. Hoverwatch takes its monitoring of browser activity a step further by allowing you to access browser history that has been deleted. Hoverwatch is available in different packages depending on the number of devices you want to monitor. The personal package allows you to track one device and is available for $24.95 every month. The professional and the business package lets you track 5 and 25 devices respectively and cost $49.95 and $149.95 per month.

4.    SpyBubblepro

SpyBubblepro is a great cell phone tracker app for knowing where the phone and as a result, the user has been. It is very effective in knowing the where-about of your children, spouse, or/and employees; and in finding out the location of the phone in case of theft. It is also useful for the general purposes of remotely monitoring activities carried out on the phone. SpyBubblepro allows you to keep an eye on incoming and outgoing calls on your target device. This call monitoring feature is however limited because it does not allow you to record the calls being made. It is also a great phone tracker for Whatsapp, allowing you to spy on Whatsapp messages on your target device. The GPS location feature also works quite well and will even provide you with Google Maps links so you can view the location of the device using google maps. Unfortunately, you are unable to set up Geoblocks that will give you an alert if the individual moves out of a specified region. SpyBubblepro costs $29.99 a month for the basic tier on both Android and iOS devices. The full tier will however set you back a monthly $59.99 on Android and $49.99 on iOS.

5.    Cocospy

The actions and loyalty of your employee greatly and directly affect the progress of your business, and as a result, it is necessary to keep a close eye on them and their activities. In making sure that they’re not giving out vital information about your company; compromising office standards or going against set rules, Cocospy is the app for the job. You can keep tabs on their activities, messages, media e.t.c from the comfort of your phone. In these times, it has become almost impossible to trust anyone. Besides, employees that were once trustworthy can for one reason or the other become backstabbers. Going through their messages, calls and contacts can bring many things to light. Sometimes all your employees need to get them working well is a little reminder of what they’re supposed to be doing or a warning when they go wrong. With this cell phone tracker app, you become aware of when they are up to no good and can quickly put them back on track. Cocospy guarantees 100% safety and anonymity while using the app. Your target is never aware of the fact that they’re being monitored. Cocospy costs $49.99 for the basic plan and $69.99 for the premium plan on Android. Only the premium plan is available for iOS devices and it costs $79.99 per month.


Cell phone tracker apps with GPS location help you to monitor the whereabouts of your children, spouse, or employees from the comfort of your home and without the hassle of stalking your target. Using a GPS locator is the best way to keep tabs on the movement of your kids to ensure their safety, a spouse to ensure faithfulness, or an employee to ensure dedication.

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