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All in one scanning application: CamScanner Mod Apk!

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CamScanner is one the most dependable text-to-image to pdf converter on Android or OS platform. Certainly, t is widely popular for the best innovations it allows. Moreover, you can change the document to convert into an illustration to ASCII character on phones. As a result, you can now scan photographs that will look remarkably good as compared to the existing scanned copy you have. CamScanner Mod Apk will be assisting you in copying replicate those notes!


With over 100,000,000+ downloads on the Google Play store, this application is immensely successful. However, CamScanner Mod Apk benefits you to digitalize your content with utmost satisfaction. Moreover, with more high-grade picture conditions and features, you will appreciate this application for a long time. 

PUBLISHERINTSIG Information Co., Ltd
MOD FEATURESPremium subscription


LATEST VERSION5.37.0.20210303


Why use CamScanner Mod Apk?

With the added premium account, you will now obtain characteristics that will protect behind that premium association. In addition, some of these peculiarities will enable you to continue your design watermark on records, change pdf to pictures, save .docx to pdf, etc.

Other than that, one of the most wanted pieces is OCR. It applies to Optical Character Recognition. Hence, with the guidance of OCR, you will quickly change the theme in the picture. As a result, you’ll be able to present a document you can duplicate on your smartphone or other devices. Personally, this point is a life-saving thing! It also makes searching keywords on any site easy.

Characteristics of CamScanner Mod Apk


  • You can extract texts from pictures by applying the OCR scanning tool.
  • Now share JPEG/PDF reports scanned using the application.
  • It can also regenerate images to pdf and vice versa.
  • And it is also easy to change pdf to Docx format immediately.
  • This app has advanced Certificate Editing tools
  • You can protect relevant papers using the Password-protection feature.

Features CamScanner Mod Apk


  • You can separate the CamScanner Watermark.
  • Now unlock premium things
  • It has OCR for free.
  • Custom Patch Included
  • There is no requirement for SAI (Split APK Installer)

How to install the CamScanner Mod Apk

  1. Firstly, to happily install the Premium version, you download both files (including an APK file and a License file).
  2. The installing of both files is necessary.
  3. You can start any one of the two Cam Scanner tools.

Download CamScanner MOD APK for Android


CamScanner Mod Apk is one of the most distinguished rating applications everyone has ever understood. It relinquishes 4.8/5 stars with higher than 2,000,000 votes from people. Some four stars or below are due to the user using the free account. There are advertisement features and make their adventure not desirable.


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